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  1. @Bâshrat

    Since the changes you've made with the latest gui versions of the BASE it's very easy to implement your packs on a multi-boot disc anyway.

    Perhaps, but now you can configure each OS and then slipstream them all simultaneously. And a shared OEM dir will be created: that's more effective. (Yes, I know that when you can create the ISO you can enable an option that would only write it once to the ISO anyway, but this is more clean ;)).

    Is ther a way to download a newer version of DriverPacks BASE than version 6.06.1 to test ?

    I've made you a beta tester at my forum (I've seen you've joined my forum) and now you have access to the beta ;)

    Note that 6.08 will be released without multibootDisc support being tested: there just aren't enough users for it now... Just submit bugreports and I'll fix it, and will probably provide multibootDisc users continuously with updated builds.

  2. This feels like spamming MSFN :P:lol: But I guess this is in the best interest of at least some in this subforum...

    The DriverPacks BASE has gained native multibootDisc support. It has already had it for a while, but it wasn't configurable through the GUI yet. In DriverPacks BASE 6.08, which will be released very soon, there will be full support for it.

    But because multibootDiscs are used relatively rare, it has not yet been tested yet. First let's see how much animo there is: if you'd like to test it, just make a post in this topic!

  3. 1. Add the regular nVidia Forceware drivers.

    2. Browse to laptopvideo2go.com and download their the .inf file for your Forceware version.

    3. Rename the file to nv4_go.inf and add it to your Forceware drivers.

    4. Done! Now you have support for ALL nVidia GPU's, both mobile and desktop. Note that this does not include Quadro (professional GPU's), nor very old GPU's (TNT).

  4. Thanks for the post. That didn't seem to do the trick for this particular issue. For some reason I had to use -pnp switch with sysprep.exe, even though the video drivers should be PNP... Anyway, it only adds about 1.5 to 2 minutes to deploy time, unlike the 5-10 stated in the MS docs, so I'm happy with this solution. Oh, I also tried UpdateInstalledDrivers in sysprep.inf, which didn't work in case anyone else has a similar issue.

    By the way, it seems like I was wrong thinking that DevicePath and OemPnpDriversPath did different things. It appears that sysprep simply populates DevicePath based on what you have in OemPnpDriversPath when it runs.


    Only is OemPnpDriversPath limited to 4096 characters (when using XP) and even less - 2048 - when initializing setup through winnt.exe/winnt32.exe. If you write directly to the registry (i.e. to the DevicePath value), then you will be able to enter 64KB worth of driverpaths.

  5. ****... I did contact UpdatePack authors, but I forgot to contact you, the HFSLIP developers (you're a team, right?). I'm sorry.

    In the next version of the DriverPacks BASE (one with a GUI), there's better detection of UpdatePacks. If an UpdatePack is detected, then no hotfixes will be slipstreamed.

    Could you provide me with some kind of tagfile or tagvalue to identify a source of Windows XP that has been updated with HFSLIP? I'd have contacted you through private mail, but since I stumbled upon this topic...

    Please send me a mail (BashratTheSneaky AT gmail DOT com) or let me know right here.

  6. The REAL b5342 came announcement came with this info:

    5342 is:

    · Only being released to the Beta Program and Partners.

    · Intended to allow you to follow our progress and verify fixed bugs.

    · Generally considered better than 5308.

    · Intended for clean installs only.

    The build you've been asking for - one of our daily builds that we have tested enough to release for your use.

    5342 is not:

    · A CTP or IDW build and will not be released to MSDN.

    · Upgradeable from any other build, Windows XP or Vista.

    · Available in any other version besides Ultimate.

    · Tested to the degree that a CTP build is though we believe the quality to be high.

    Did anyone try it out already?

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