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  1. I find SSD is more of an impact than more ram, done plenty of cheap/old laptops recently for helping out local people.

    Last machine was a Lenovo dual core i3, 4Gb, 120SSD. I have a custom install to mean I spend as little time as possible on these, it does a basic install then sets up the laptop with chocolatey, installs office (often they get a licence from school), chrome and Google drive. Then sets power settings to shutdown on regular basis, and auto update apps once a month.

    Then few tweaks not listed publicly (yet, some are on my GitHub) are removing services not needed, crap and generally removing prettiest thing's.

    I'm no Dev by any sense so anyone viewing my code please allow some bad programming, lol

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  2. JFYI, new approach in the works:


    (boot a PE through iPXE + http - FAST - and from it do "whatever you want")

    or possibly this thingy:



    might be suitable (this is more like a Remote Control, you can do *whatever* from the "server" side, you only need to PXE boot the client)

    Otherwise the "normal" RIS/WDS deployment can be made through this other newish kid on the block:



    See also:



    Nice one cheers jaclaz! Will see what i can sort out

  3. I've looking at options now that it's time i automated my Windows 7 installs. I had done a lot of XP but only just getting round to doing 7 UA.

    One of my thoughts is to use a FTP or WebDAV site to host the application install files, scripts etc and just have the bare-bones on DVD. Like many had with the application disk for XP.

    What do people think of this idea?

    From what i've started looking at, I would need to install an app (like FtpUseInst for ftp) then start the install... I know the most major issue would be speed, but it would mean things would always be up-to-date and anyway it's an auto install disk so it'll be started then forgotten about...

  4. What you all think is the best way to go about this.

    What i want is to do an auto install of XP SP2 on many many differant computers then auto install Office and loads of other apps... At the moment i use the simply method of a WINNT.SIF file and booting from DVD, it has to be a dvd as the drivers for all the computers add up to about 1gb using driverpack.net (cheers btw) method 3 then office etc takes a lot of room but at some times the copy of the files fails and then doesnt complete the install correctly as office and all the other apps are copied accross at the end of txtmode setup so i was thinking about doing it from dos

    What do you all think i should do to make things quicker and have better results?

  5. Hi all,

    Top site! been reading it for ages and has meant that i have created a bootable DVD with XP and load of apps on works really well however...

    I have put all the software under $oem$ so that at the end of the text mode setup it copies everything to the HD, is there a way that i can get the rest of the windows install to read from an I386 folder that i could also copy to the HD?

    This would mean that i could eject the disc and start the install on another computer while the other 1 is doing the GUI install and stuff

    Thanks in advance

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