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  1. Dear Dave! I found an old post of yours, where you mentioned Eudora as your mail program. Was that the case on Windows 98? What are your experiences with mail programs on Windows 98?

    1. Dave-H


      Hi, I still use Eudora every day as my default e-mail program, and I use it on all three operating systems on my machine, Windows 98SE, Windows XP, and Windows 10!
      I first started using it on Windows 98 in fact, and later also Windows 2000.
      Best e-mail program ever, the only one I've ever used at home (I started with a copy of "Eudora Lite" that came with my first machine) and it's sad that modern e-mail formats are starting to give it problems.
      The main issue now is that its internal message viewer no no longer displays many messages correctly at all, and if you use the "Microsoft Viewer" option it uses the system's Internet Explorer engine to display the messages.
      Unfortunately even this has now become a problem with some messages, especially in Windows 98 and XP, where it has to use IE6 and IE8 respectively.
      Having said that, it's still OK 90% of the time, and until e-mail servers actually start rejecting its login, I hope it will be for the foreseeable future.

    2. Gansangriff


      Eudora 7.1 really is beautiful and well thought. Looking at the traffic it causes on startup, there is adserver.eudora.com, which now redirects to the computer history museum! Obviously the code is now in their hands.

      Unfortuneatly one has to have an e-mail provider that supports the older encryption formats. At least you can check your mail with the Windows XP part of your tripleboot computer.

    3. Dave-H


      Interesting about the adserver!
      One of the main reasons I love Eudora is that it has the facility, which I believe is unique, of being able to edit received messages.
      Very useful now as some come in mis-formatted, and I can correct it!
      My main worry is that my ISP will stop supporting POP e-mail, and become IMAP only.
      Eudora does support IMAP, but I have no experience of using it.

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