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  1. Hey all,

    When I put my mouse cursor over a window it makes it active. Now I don't mind if too much, but when I'm typing, for instance in MSN, and the mouse moves slightly out of the window, it'll make whatever it has behind it active. Meaning I have to stop typing and move the mouse back over. Does anybody know how I can change this or where's the option?


  2. I'm not sure if this will help but the dos command is "chkdsk *:\ /F"

    The F switch fixes any errors on the disk, and for this to be done it has to run before Windows is loaded. So this will run it at next boot. If you type it into command prompt now you'll see it asking if you'd like to schedule for next system start.

    Hope this helps

  3. As Tain said it's a hardware phsics accelerator, only a new technology, about 2 or 3 months old. It has take off yet, but it's slowly building up. I installed the software with GRAW and I didn't notice any differnece without it.

  4. Have any network shares mapped to drive letters that automatically restore after reboot?

    Yes I have 3 or 4

    This is the problem, restoring mapped drive connections. When hanged press ESC, and it should stop with restoring connections..

    This will not solve the problem, but you'll be sure that it's related to mapped drive connections..

    Ya that's done the trick.

    Looks like I just gotta deal the hang.

    Thanks all

  5. Hey all,

    Since I've been using auto login my start up has been alot slower. It seems to hang on Restoring Network Connections. I'm not using DHCP and I've all the IP addresses & DNS servers setup. I've tried bootvis but it didn't make much of a difference. Can anyone sheld any light on this?


  6. Hey all,

    I've had a recent problem with my Windows XP Pro SP2 install. It loads up until the logon screen. At this stage there's nothing on the screen, no cursor, just a black screen. My keyboard still responds to Numlock on/off, etc, so I'm guessing it's not stalled. 1 out of 3 times it boots up properly and I get the logon screen. I've tried safe mode and it boots everytime perfectly.

    Does anybody have any idea what this could be, or maybe a suggestion of someway of monitoring the boot process?


  7. Hey all,

    I recently install and uninstalled XPize. Now my settings are different. The Taskbar is bigger than usual, and right click dialog boxs just display black. All the icons in the tray are bigger than usual too.

    I'm using XP SP2, on a Athlon X2, I'm the only user(admin)

    It seems to me that XPize never restored the original settings(before installation).

    I looked at other posts, and I couldn't see a fix.

    I followed all installation/uninstall steps provided.

    Can anyone help me get my original settings?

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