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  1. well i figured it out. i got the dvd to finally boot. i burned it using ultra iso instead of ashampoo. i guess ashampoo doesnt make dvds bootable from isos. weird nero always did.

    thanks for the help

  2. I created a vlite dvd and burned using direct burn and made an iso just in case. I tried booting it to install on my laptop but it never will boot it (insert bootable media message comes up). And ive obviously changed the priority of the dvd drive to be the first. The vlite disc boots up fine on my desktop. My dvd drive on my laptop boots up my xp cd and linux dvd just fine. So it has to be something wrong with my vlite dvd. I dont know what though.... :}

    Heres a pic of the files


    And my preset

    ; vLite preset file
    ; vLite v1.2
    ; Framework 2.0.50727.1434
    ; Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6001 Service Pack 1 32-bit
    ; Windows Vista (vLite) ULTIMATE 32-bit Service Pack 1
    ; Version 6.0.6001.18000 English (United States)
    Aero Glass
    File and printer sharing (Server)
    Internet Explorer
    Internet Information Services (IIS)
    Scanners and Cameras
    Windows Update


    ;# Accessories #
    Character Map
    Snipping Tool
    Speech Support
    System Information
    Welcome Center
    Windows Sidebar and Gadgets
    ;# Drivers #
    Display adapters-Ati
    Display adapters-Intel
    Display adapters-NVIDIA
    Display adapters-S3
    Display adapters-SiS
    Diva Server
    Ethernet network adapters
    QLogic Fibre Channel Adapter
    Sound controllers
    Storage controllers-Adaptec
    Storage controllers-Elxstor
    Storage controllers-Hewlett-Packard
    Storage controllers-IBM ServeRAID
    Storage controllers-ICP vortex
    Storage controllers-Intel (Matrix)
    Storage controllers-ITE
    Storage controllers-LSI Logic
    Storage controllers-MegaRAID
    Storage controllers-nVidia
    Storage controllers-Promise
    Storage controllers-SiS
    Storage controllers-ULi
    Storage controllers-Via
    TV Tuners-ADS Technologies
    TV Tuners-ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
    TV Tuners-AVerMedia Technologies, Inc.
    TV Tuners-Compro Technology Inc.
    TV Tuners-Conexant Systems, Inc.
    TV Tuners-Creatix
    TV Tuners-Hauppauge
    TV Tuners-KNC ONE GmbH
    TV Tuners-KWorld
    TV Tuners-Lumanate, Inc.
    TV Tuners-Philips Semiconductors
    TV Tuners-Pinnacle Systems
    TV Tuners-TerraTec Electronic GmbH
    TV Tuners-VidzMedia Pte Ltd.
    TV Tuners-ViXS Systems Inc.
    ;# Hardware Support #
    Fax Support
    Floppy Disk Support
    Infrared Support
    Windows Mobile Device Center
    ;# Languages #
    Simplified Chinese
    Table Driven Text Input Processor
    Traditional Chinese
    ;# Multimedia #
    Media Center
    Music and Video samples
    Sample Pictures
    Shell event sounds
    Windows Calendar
    ;# Network #
    Connect to a Network Projector
    Remote Desktop and Assistance
    Remote Desktop Client
    RIP Listener
    Telnet Client
    Telnet Server
    TFTP Client
    Windows Collaboration
    Windows Mail
    ;# Services #
    ActiveX Installer Service
    IP Helper
    Offline Files
    Remote Registry
    TPM Base Services
    ;# System #
    16-bit Support
    BitLocker Drive Encryption
    Crash Dump Support
    Digital Locker
    Guided Help
    IMAPIv2 Burning Support
    Jet Database Engine
    Malicious Software Removal Tool
    Manual Install (Setup.exe)
    Microsoft Agent
    Natural Language
    Parental Controls
    Remote Differential Compression
    Removable Storage Management
    Run a legacy CPL elevated
    Security Center
    Sync Center
    System Restore
    Tablet PC
    User Account Control (UAC)
    Windows Backup
    Windows Defender
    Windows Easy Transfer
    Windows Ultimate Extras
    Zip Folder

    DEP (Data Execution Prevention) = Default
    User Account Control (UAC) = Enabled
    AntiSpyware Realtime Protection = Default
    Memory requirement = Default
    AutoPlay = Enabled
    Paging Executive = Enabled
    Power scheme = Balanced
    Power button = Default
    Sleep button = Default
    Hibernation = Default
    Control Panel - Classic View = Enabled
    Show hidden files and folders = No
    Show protected operating system files = No
    Show extensions for known file types = No
    IE Phishing Filter = Disabled
    IE Phishing Verification Ballon Tips = Disabled





    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB905866-v26-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB938371-v2-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB938464-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB940157-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB942288-v2-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB943729-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB950124-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB950125-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB950762-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB950974-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB951066-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB951376-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB951618-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB951698-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB951978-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB952069-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB952287-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB952709-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB953155-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB953733-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB954154-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB954211-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB954459-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB955020-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB955069-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB955302-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB955519-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB955839-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB956391-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB956802-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB956841-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB957095-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB957097-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB957200-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB957321-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB957388-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB958215-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB958623-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB958624-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB958644-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB959108-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB959130-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\Windows6.0-KB960714-x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\WUClient-SelfUpdate-ActiveX.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\WUClient-SelfUpdate-Aux-TopLevel.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\FVUP_SP1_2.1.4a_x86\WUClient-SelfUpdate-Core-TopLevel.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\KB929777v2x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\KB936357x86.cab
    D:\Backup\Windows Stuff\vlite\addons\x86\Windows6.0-KB951072-v2-x86.msu


  3. bottled leaf, KB929777, if you needed it at all, even if integrated doesn't help during installation. This fix, or lets say hack, helps in a way so that you don't have to unplug the extra memory stick to be able to install. Should work on both 32 and 64bit but only 32bit was confirmed.

    And yeah it is weird that 64bit can have the same issue.


    thanks nuhi. got new comp for xmas (more liek built new comp :) ). running the full 4GB on 64 bit.

  4. Just did a clean fully stripped Vlite 1.1 Beta2 with the Audio and Video driver loaded.

    My machine is a Intel Q6600 O/C to 4 x 3.6gig with 2 gig of DDR900 running at 1:1 with a SATA III 7200 Drive [non-RAID]

    My boot up time is as follows-

    => 0 second mark - Turn On PC

    => 22 second mark - Vista "green worm" / "progess bar" begins loading

    => 43 second mark - Vista GUI loaded and ready

    How does " 43 " seconds stack up ? [ From memory, my XP install on the same system takes around 25 seconds ]


    try a 10,000 rpm hd or a solid state hd and get back with us. your time will be like 30 second with the 10,000 rpm and 20 seconds with the solid state

  5. try copying the files manually into the system32 folder (the files needed are in the files folder).

    Works for me though :blink: did it say files where copied successfully and do both of the say "working" if so then you've removed "Application Experience", if they are already greayed out when opened it means the files are already there.

    I think the program is abit to old now to fix some possible errors, so just copy them manually from the files folder. If you do choose to reinstall keep "Error Reporting" too

    well i couldnt click fix. it was greyed out. so i guessed it was unfixable. but i dont know.

    all right. i will try to copy the files. but what files do i copy to system32? i dont have a vista disc with me...at least i dont think

  6. naw it doesnt help performance.

    all it is, is hotfixes and some other pointless updates.

    Have you tried it? SP1 does makes a lot of difference in performance and reliability.

    no but for xp sp1 and sp2 was death (unless you used nlite)

  7. well im kinda familiar with vmware which i think is free

    after setting up the virtual system and allotting it space to save its files

    basically you make the iso then boot from it and go from there.

    if the iso works then you made a successful vlite system

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