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  1. I always use HFSLIP first to integrate DirectX latest release with some other updates and then nLite. Never nLite first. Edit: It seems like the new version is workin as it should
  2. I rather not install full windows
  3. I rather not try, I think I am missing some required files in system32 folder or regitrys entries . What are the required files for HFSLIP? The windows I am on now is a strip down version I made for myself with nLite, about 130MB was the final CD size. At first I was missing findstr.exe, and that I copied from a XP SP2 CD. Get also a error window with no message when trying with nLite or manually. In EventLog it's like this: Source: vmauthd Message description: Failed to read registry perf object Memory\Cache Bytes Will try with the test releaese if this doesn't work. Also maybe noteable, I don't have Virtual Memory/Pagefile enabled Isn't it because of Virtual Memory, tried it.
  4. I slipstreamed SP2 on a SP1a install and got the message Can't find the file. see on the pic, translated it to english from swedish do not know if the english message is exactly like that. Is this serious or normal?
  5. If the source came from DELL then it isn't a clean source. Microsoft source is considered a clean source.
  6. Just download the correct version, nothing illegal about that. If you have WinXP Home OEM then you can use any Home OEM. You have to also check your CD Key try this http://www.magicaljellybean.com/keyfinder.shtml
  7. new nlite windows or no system restore
  8. none work ---------------------------- But I fixed it myself This time I kept: ;# Hardware Support # ALI 1535 SMBus Host Controller USB Video and Ethernet ;# Operating System Options # 16-bit support Application compatibility patch ;# Services # Network Provisioning ----------------------------- InstallShield is probably workin now because of 16-bit support Application compatibility patch Intel® ICH8/ICH8R Family LPC Interface Controller - 2810 Comes up when you enable ACPI 2.0 in BIOS.
  9. Hope someone can help. Can't figure out what I did wrong this time :S 1. Getting an error when trying to run the driver setup program (InstallShield) for sound and graphics drivers (ASUS motherboard). 2. In Device Manager I see 1 unknown device. When checkin properties I see. Intel® ICH8/ICH8R Family LPC Interface Controller - 2810 Tried installing the latest intel chipset drivers with no luck. Should have tested this install more in VMware but it seemed ok......... nLite 1.3beta hv InstallShield problems.7z includes: Last Session, few screenshots and detailed Everest description in a htm file http://www.bestsharing.com/files/F0yUqJi19...roblems.7z.html
  10. Windows Internet Explorer 7 för Windows XP SP2 http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...30-081805b2f90b Isn't swedish, the file should be IE7-WindowsXP-x86-sve.exe instead of IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe Swedish was released on 2006-12-19 There is no swedish KB896344 and KB925876 The english version wont install on a swedish XP Update for Windows XP (KB896344) http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en Remote Desktop Connection (Terminal Services Client 6.0) for Windows XP (KB925876) http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en KB927978 will install on a swedish XP. It's the only one that should be english coz a swedish isn't needed, no swedish on MS download center. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;DisplayLang=en ---------------- All hotfixes are not included, there are more you can download of MS Donwload Center. the file "other not in WUD.txt" shows other hotfixes I have that are not included in WUD list. I can do it if someone shows me how
  11. The problem with Windows File Protection is that if you delete or change any backup protected files you get that warning. Windows File Protection check folder C:\WINDOWS\system32\dllcache and probably others. If you haven't disabled Windows File Protection and you have nlited your Windows source, you are most likely to get that message. nLite changes the source I have learned that a lot in WinXP is crap and alternatives you cand find for most of the crap. So do yourself a favour and remove as much as you can. I get my to about 100-110MB, and yes everything works To bad windows is so popular, many of us are forced to use it For example, try Firefox instead of IE. http://www.mozilla.com My Extensions: [11] - Adblock Plus http://adblockplus.org/ - Auto Copy 0.6.4: http://autocopy.mozdev.org - CustomizeGoogle 0.55: http://www.customizegoogle.com/ - Gmail Manager 0.5.3: http://www.longfocus.com/firefox/gmanager/ - Image Zoom 0.2.7: http://imagezoom.yellowgorilla.net/ - Java Console 6.0: http://www.google.com/search?q=Firefox%20Java%20Console - MinimizeToTray http://minimizetotray.mozdev.org/ - MR Tech Local Install http://www.mrtech.com/extensions/local_install/ - NoScript http://noscript.net - SlimSearch 0.1.8: http://florin.myip.org/soft/slimsearch/ - VideoDownloader 1.1.1: http://videodownloader.net/ VLC instead of Windows Media Player http://www.videolan.org/ and there are many others...................
  12. hulkviper

    Need Help

    Check the subforum what not to remove. You can't know for sure, all games are not the same. I recommend you try, and save/keep the preset, if something gets f***ed you just reinstall in vmware.
  13. hulkviper


    HFSLIP slipstreams. With the addon DX installs when windows install. HFSLIP will replace the old files with the new!
  14. hulkviper


    HFSLIP will do that for you! Follow the instructions and everything will be ok. HFSLIP http://hfslip.org/
  15. Does it mean vLite requires it, vlite can't run without it?
  16. Windows File Protection you could have disabled in nlite Options/Patches. You can disable it with WFPswitch Try UltimateDefrag http://www.disktrix.com/ultimatedefrag/ It's light and better than Diskeeper, PerfectDisk and O&O Defrag. UltimateDefrag does not require any service at all.
  17. Windows XP will run without Event Log. But some applications need it, for example O&O Defrag. But if you use O&O Defrag you can try UltimateDefrag http://www.disktrix.com/ultimatedefrag/ It's light and better than Diskeeper, PerfectDisk and O&O Defrag. UltimateDefrag does not require any service at all.
  18. Doesn't matter, nlite keeps the newest files. But it may be a good idea to sort all by date (old first, latest last)
  19. to integrate DirectX 9.0c October 2006, you need hfslip and maybe it will work with -Windows Media Player (spanish version) -Internet Explorer 7 (spanish version) -Windows defender try http://hfslip.org/ just follow the instructions carefully!
  20. Autoruns is better for startup entries. try it Donwload link: http://www.sysinternals.com/Files/Autoruns.zip
  21. hulkviper

    a few issues

    Hi, hope someone can help. I just used the new nlite 1.2.1 and I got a few problems with it, probably just me I first used hfslip to integrate DirectX 9.0c oct and then I integrated all swedish hotfixes I got a message Advanced INF install error and a few minor problems. Edit: Solved the issue "Advanced INF install error" by changing user rights (from admin-user to admin only) Here is a link to download a zip with the needed info. I included advanced inf install.png (screenshot) Last Session.ini Last Session_u.ini comsetup.log ocgen.log regopt.log setupact.log setupapi.log setuperr.log setuplog.txt nuhi, still the change user profile option isn't workin. Hope you can get a look and make it work on Swedish WinXP Pro. If you do not understand the swedish just ask me. removed logical disc manager, I think I need that to change the harddrive letter (D>E and E>D) Does anyone know how I can do that in another way, without the windows tools?
  22. I am preparing my WinXP with nlite and hfslip for my needs.... I always remove Dr Watson and all the extra crap I do not need But everytime I install Windows Live Messenger, Dr Watson always gets installed. There is no option in Windows Live Messenger not to install Dr Watson. Is there a command not to install Dr Watson? Or is there anyway I can integrate Windows Live Messenger in my WinXP without Dr Watson? If so can I do the same with .NET ?
  23. ok :S So next time I can remove the driver from my windows xp source and everything will work?
  24. IMAPI Kernel Driver c:\windows\system32\drivers\imapi.sys is it this one you guys mean? I have tried deleting this one before and also deleted the reg entry in Autoruns http://www.sysinternals.com/Utilities/autoruns.html Then the CD/DVD drive wasn't shown in My Computer after reboot.
  25. I vote for both, not everything is informed as much as it should be

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