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  1. Does this happen with all of your Excel spreadsheets? I'm not sure a patch would fix it... Have you tried a detect and repair on Office? If still having a problem, I would just reinstall it. By doing that you'd most likely fix your problem and wouldn't have to waist tons of time finding the exact cause/resolution.

  2. Tampering sounds like hardware related, but I doubt thats the issue. As far as the software side there are many options out there now-a-days... I've used an app called 007 Spy Software and found it to be very useful in catching people ;) ... however it costs a little money, someone else may have other solutions that are free... if this is indeed even your problem.

  3. Question... why do you need 2 routers? Does the wireless router not have any ethernet ports as well? If it does, drop the first router, run the wireless router/switch to your ISP. As far as the static/dynamic question, no, you don't need to set statics on everything as long as you're getting a connection dynamically then thats all that matters.

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