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  1. Seems like quite a few alternatives have sprung up since XPCREATE's inception nearly 2 years ago. Wonder where they all got their ideas ... Most also seem to be faster and create smaller Distribution Source. Take a look at the Member Contributed Projects Section of MSFN.

    Of course, none has the integrity of XPCREATE, but that's another matter ...

  2. The Windows XP links should work on the Current Hotfixes Page, The Windows 2003 links go nowhere.

    I did not need the WindowsXP-KB886677-x86-XXX.exe do create an up to date installation. Perhaps it is a language thin. I will look into that next week.

  3. so did you merge the two version of XPCREATE? or just base this off the freeware one?

    Guess what i'm getting at...does this still do flash and download the updates for you? :P

    Good to see you finally back, atleast for awhile...

    Didn't see you there, Alanoll! Thanks for covering for me! No, I did not "merge" them. Nor have I had a chance to update the download lists. You can, however, use the old plugins with the new verson.
  4. Thanks, Tinywoods, but please se my post in answer to your post. I would really prefer if you let ME publish fixes and patches ... If there is a problem, post the LOGFILES.CAB, and perhaps screen shots an a detailed description of the problem.

    Thanks again,


  5. Thanks, Tinywoods. I've not had a chance to look at your patch (I will this week), but if it modifies the XPCREATE.CMD file, I must let you know that is a BIG NO NO ... If so, please remove your file. If not, please excuse the interuption! If you could tell me exactly WHY it was not working (without refering to the source code), I could probably fix it easily, and you will not need to update your patch when I update my code ...

    Thanks for your understanding,


  6. Geez, with such a compliment, there must a request coming !

    Just kidding ... and yes, I am a perfectionist. Every option has it's advantages and disadvantages. Most of the other choices are either faster, more compact, or allow easy modification of Microsoft code. Me, I've got a DVD burner, I like to have time for a beer or two during the install, and shoot for that 100% Microsoft acceptable installation. That is not to try and belittle any of the other efforts, they are all good in their own right.

    Thanks for getting pack to me. (The old version was OK for XP, but did not pick up the right Windows 2003 SP1 files.)

  7. XPCREATE.INI is not created/installed with the new version installation, to avoid overwriting your current INI file. If there is no XPCREATE.INI file, XPCREATE will create it upon first run. As always, the best way to proceed is do a first run of XPCREATE in a clean directory, and it will copy the source CD to the HDD, get the boot image and initialize XPCREATE.INI. You can then modify your source, update your INI setting, and whatever else you may deem necessary. That should work ...

  8. Thanks, Tinywoods, for keeping up a list in my absence! I took a quick look, and it seems to be pretty much what I have tested and updated on the XPPCREATE Web Site. Only with Japanese! In any event, the list I published should work fine for all: if not, please tell me and post the LOGFILES.CAB file. Keep in mind that the new version of XPCREATE IS out, and available for download from the XPCREATE Web Site. Any error reports should only concern the current version.

    Long file names should not matter, as they are all either renamed to XPC*.EXE (if RENAMEF=YES, the default), or to a short name if not (i.e. XXXXXX~1.EXE).

    As for the XPCREATE being better / worse than other alternatives questions, I will try to address that later. The main point is, yes, it is bigger and slower, but this is due to the fact that XPCREATE does not use any tricks that would void your Microsoft warranty. All slipstreaming / updates methods are done in accordance with Microsoft guidelines. If that is better or worse is certainly debatable, however, that has always been one of my criteria.

  9. Regarding Current Hotfixes in xpcreate.com, we may not have "SVC-WUA" folder in Feb version, I'm afraid. 


    WindowsUpdateAgent20-x86.exe works in SVC-MRT of Feb version.

    SVC-WUA is for the 18 AUG 2005 version. I only worry about one version at a time! It should also work in the SVC-MRT directory, but I've not tested. There is a reason it has it's own directory (SVC-WUA) ...

    WGAINSTALL.EXE may not work in SVC-CF2 but works in SVC-EXE

    Works fine for me ... Can anyone confirm that this does NOT work in the 18 AUG 2005 version?

    There is a new version of xpcreate so i read

    I can't find it now

    GO to the XPCREATE Web Site and follow the "Get XPCREATE" link on the bottom left of the page, and that should get you there.

  10. I think your HKCU RunOnceEx concept is certainly not offtrack. There are many reasons for wanting to run an initialization script on a per user basis. Also, I believe you are right about RunOnceEx only working for the Local Machine. My suggestion would be to use the StubPath section of the Active Setup key. Here is a link to a post a made long ago, with a link to an example using Active Setup for Virus propagation ...


    I'm sure with a little work you can achive your goal using this StubPath thingy ...

  11. Firstly, I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Alanoll, who has stuck by XPCREATE for better or worse. I am sure that without him, this sub-forum would be long dead. It's not like he does not have enough else to do here at MSFN, not to mention non-MSFN chores!

    Secondly, a brief explanation ... very brief ... Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have not been able to follow up on the forum, or my XPCREATE work lately. I have recently made a few updates to XPCREATE, and made it available on the XPCREATE Site (see sticky above). Most importantly, it is now Windows Server 2003 SP1 compatable.

    I have tested with both XP and Windows 2003, and have not had any problems. I have updated the Current Hotfixes List for XP on the Web Site. I hope to have the Windows 2003 list updated soon as well. Any testing and feedback is welcome!

    That's all for now. I hope to get around to responding to all the issues that have arisen since my last visit, but I fear that will have to wait until September, when I once again move across the pond.

    Good Luck to all, and Happy Summer 2005!

  12. The XPCREATE Web Site is back online, and includes the latest version of XPCREATE (18 AUG 2005). XPCREATE is currently available for download directly from the site, with no need for Username or Password.

    The Current Hotfixes page has also been updated for Windows XP, and although I have tested this version and these hotfixes myself, any testing and comments would be appreciated.

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