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  1. well... u brought interestiing stuff to the cummmunity.. but the mass of your "gifts" seem like a "taking the community to _YOUR_ community"

    i think that´s your problem...

    sorry, my english is not good enough to explain, what i mean...

    noone is "against" you, but you startet with tooo much "help". so it seemed you would be the "number one" and alll other people are stupid/lamers...

    hope u understand what i mean...

  2. well.. win2k winnt.sif has some different syntaxes.. and the setupmanager from xp could not be used for win2k, because of that.

    also there are many switches for XP, which 2k does not support..

    i know.. winnt.sif is just a "small part" of unattended setup. but.. it´s the most important =)

    also the DirectX install guide from the XP unattended guide don´t work.

    and there are many/some other issues..

    like i told "win2k unattended is a little bit different to XP.. " see: "a little bit "..

    well.. this was offtopic..


    do it like you should.. take a look at <cd>:\SUPPORT\TOOLS\Deploy.CAB

    there is much info about unattended setup...

    compare the info of the unattended guide on this side with the info in the deploy.cab and you´ll get your perfect sollution

  3. not realy.. IMAX is a "recording technologie"...

    i think it was on 45mm film.. but i don´t know exactly.. however... it is filmed on larger "band" than "normal" films.. so there is a higher "resolution" and the films could shown on much larger screens without getting un-sharp.

    there is also a special version of this technologie to produce 3d films.. (realy good ones =) )

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