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  1. Windows 98SE Sp2.01 Italian

    There is a specific thread two lines bottom there where we speak about 2.1a
  2. Unofficial SP2.1a italian version

    Yes. I have received.
  3. Unofficial SP2.1a italian version

    Maybe shell32.dll could be the problem. Try to made fresh install before pls.
  4. Unofficial SP2.1a italian version

    I know that the menu F8 is in english (there isn't or i haven't found italian version of file). I have tried service pack on my pc and on notebook's friend without problems where previous release make some. Have you installed on italian windows98se? Try to follow the install instructions by Gape: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=38193 Some steps are optionals.
  5. Unofficial SP2.1a italian version

    Here another link for sp2.1a italian website http://www.win98sp.135.it/ Download is ready!
  6. Unofficial SP2.1a italian version

    Many thanks to Hmd user who take webspace for upload italian sp2.1a. Now there is only homepage. I have send sp2.1a yesterday to Hmd. I think download link come soon. http://ornithology.6deex.net/98/ Any suggestion it' s welcome.
  7. Windows 98SE Sp2.01 Italian

    The new sp2.1a italian will realese soon. It' s betatest phase. Sorry for retard. More problems with old version are resolved. Bye
  8. Unofficial SP2.1a italian version

    I post so any italian users, if contact me, can test service pack. I have been tested it on my computers but maybe there are some bugs Sorry but i' m amateur, not professionist No problem Bye
  9. It's ready You can download from: http://ornithology.6deex.net/98/ or http://www.win98sp.135.it/
  10. Here a Microsoft reply about my request of hotfix. ----------------- Hello, Thank you for contacting Microsoft Online Customer Service. Microsoft offers no-charge support for issues relating to hotfix. In order to create a support case and provide you with the requested hotfix, I request you to provide the following information: - Your full name: - Phone number (optional): - Location/country: - Any latest updates installed: (like Service Pack 2) Once I have this information, I will be able to create a support case for you and provide you with the requested information. We appreciate your patience and look forward to your reply with the above information. Thank you for using Microsoft products and services. Ajay Microsoft Online Customer Service Representative ----------------- I send request to support@microsoft.com for hotfix in italian language. What does it mean? I must send Microsoft all my private date!?! Isn' t license number enough? Can I send request to another email address with best outcome?
  11. Windows 98SE Sp2.01 Italian

    Hi. Thanks for help to find error in my service pack translation. I have read your other thread and I make the corrections. Now I try to translate new SP 2.1a in italian language with more right italian file. Unfortunatly I' m not able to find all italian version file because from microsoft site there aren't, so I have marked the selfmade translation file with "ita" suffix in file version and product version propriety (to translate I take older italian version of files, not all are completly translate). If anyone have right file can send me. I have took the follow list from petr reply in lilliccu thread. 237493 Timedate.cpl 239696 Ios.vxd 241052 Mprserv.dll 242193 Nwredir.vxd 244357 Urlmon.dll 244540 Inseng.dll 246817 Vpowerd.vxd 250514 Spoolss.dll 250876 Nwpp32.dll 257360 Vpicd.vxd 257821 Msafd.dll 257821 Mswsosp.dll 258680 Deskw95.cpl 258680 Powercfg.cpl 269601 Wdmaud.drv 270063 Ndis.vxd 272621 Sysdm.cpl 277628 Vfat.vxd 278033 Vfwwdm32.dll 288430 Ntkern.vxd 288430 Vmm.vxd 288550 Vcomm.vxd 289635 Gdi.exe 291362 User.exe 293197 Vdhcp.386 307004 Grouppol.dll 309081 Irenum.vxd 317796 Msnet32.dll 319571 Keyb.com 320798 Kernel32.dll 323455 Msnp32.dll 323455 Vredir.vxd 832671 Html32.cnv Other italian file are wldap32.dll (from win2k cd) I have found there are also snmp.exe, snmpapi.dll, wshom.ocx, wshext.dll in italian but older version.
  12. Cd file image in DOS?

    Hi all. Are there many software that can read a cd image file under dos? I think a utility like nero image or deamon tools that create virtual cd device under dos. Thanks
  13. Windows 98SE Sp2.01 Italian

    Sorry. Now i have not time to correct this bug that it's present in mine installation to. I think is a wrong version of dll file. Try to replace with original english dll and report here. Thanks
  14. [OT] x Petr try this link: http://www.mrufer.ch/pc/tualatin_e.html or this: http://digilander.libero.it/grandecigno/Tua_BX_41.htm the process is the same for more bx motherboard. I have abit bx133 with celeron tualatin 1100(100fsb) overclocked 1463(133fsb). The problem is the agp divisor that at 133 is only 2/3. You need a video card capable to go at 89mhz fsb if you want use p3 tualatin 133 or overclocked celeron (normally all gf3, some gf2 and 8500) or a pci video card.
  15. New ideas for the next version

    It' s only my hasty suggestion. I think the tweak usefully but I continue to modify myself registry if it isn't. No problem. I'm thinking about sp add new option in configuration cd cache menu that could be "CDROM 8x and above" to modify value in the registry. It isn' t a difficulty registry modification, I think. Nothing must be detect, only a new value that can be set by user. Today I think the oldest cdrom drive is the 8x/12x. 2x/4x/6x cdrom drive is only available in dump (I have a 2x drive in a drawer ).
  16. New ideas for the next version

    One tweak i think usefull: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetControlFileSystemCDFS Set the right size cache for modern cdrom (Microsoft permit only cdrom 4x and above!?!)
  17. Windows 98SE Sp2.01 Italian

    Little bug: I have see that the boot menu isn't translate in italian language.
  18. UDMA for Dos

    what does you think about it? http://johnson.tmfc.net/freedos/udma.html it made real benefit in windows 98? Could speed up the installation process at least?
  19. Windows 98SE Sp2.01 Italian

    I think any file are only in english version (compared with my windows 98se original cd and windows update patches). I try to post a list of file and own version later. Bye
  20. MDGx, after service pack from Gape i would try to translate your pack. You use inno setup for compile the pack, right? There is a guide file as the file .sed for the sp. Which file (inf, batch) i must/can translate? For dll and exe i pick the file from my windows me italian cd. Thanks
  21. Windows 98SE Sp2.01 Italian

    Ho cercato prima i file in italiano in versione corretta, in seguito ho preso i file in italiano di versioni precedenti (non avendo trovato le ultime versioni in italiano) e ho copiato ed incollato quello che riguarda menu, finestre di dialogo e stringhe. Ho cercato di fare attenzione nel trovare le differenze di traduzione tra una versione e l' altra (qualche file aveva qualche voce in più o in meno) ma visto che è stato un lavoro certosino qualche errore potrebbe esserci . Per quello che ho potuto testare io mi sembra apposto. Fatemi sapere. X patchworks mi spiegheresti in poche parole cose fa il link che hai postato? ps. Ho messo un disclamer a scanso di equivoci
  22. Windows 98SE Sp2.01 Italian

    IL SEGUENTE FILE E' LA VERSIONE ITALIANA DEL SERVICE PACK NON UFFICIALE PER WINDOWS 98SE QUINDI ESSENDO UN PRODOTTO AMATORIALE E' POTENZIALMENTE A RISCHIO DI ERRORE. DA USARE CON CAUTELA E A PROPRIO RISCHIO. THE FOLLOW FILE IS A ITALIAN VERSION OF UNOFFICIAL SERVICE PACK FOR WINDOWS 98SE SO IT' S A AMATEUR PRODUCT THAT MAY HAVE BUG. USE WITH CAUTION AT OWN RISK. eccoti il link: http://rapidshare.de/files/1917359/sesp201it.exe.html non ho tradotto completamente il file txt della licenza (i haven't completly localized the license.txt file that are in english) l' ho provato personalmente ma non approfonditamente, fammi sapere se c' è qualche errore. (i haven't test it in deep so if there are any error please report to me) ...and sorry for my english
  23. I have made the service pack in italian language. I need a web space to host it if there are people who want it. Thanks Gape Edited August 28 2008 by MDGx: Italian forum where Italian SP is found: http://www.eng2ita.net/forum/index.php?board=7.0