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  1. Yea something is messed up. The same thing happens with a USB-connected external hard drive. The drive is properly formatted and I can use it on other computers. But when I hook it up to the nlite 1.0.1 computer it installs the drivers and says that went ok but then you cannot see it in my computer at all, and there is no way to access it.

    And I was very leanient with what I selected to remove. I did no network tweaks and I only selected to remove one or two services that are extremely safe to remove.

    I have no clue what's going on but I cannot get this computer to work at all in any sort of operable condition using nlite.

  2. I'm having the same problem. I can't do get anything on the workgroup to display no matter what I try, it is completely broken. I've removed a lot less than with previous versions that seemed to work fine even when I removed a ton of stuff.

    Also, if I unplug the network cable and then plug it back in, it won't say it is connected. It will still say that the network cable is unplugged. I have to disable the connection and then re-enable it before I can connect to the internet.

    These are the only tweaks I have down for network, if you need more info I can supply it.

    Network-Disable DCOM protocol bindings

    Network-Disable Microsoft-DS (close port 445 TCP/UDP)

  3. yes avast has been around for longer, but it doesn't have the track record of nod32 in respect of detection of most recent threats and very low false alarms, also i have 2gig of ram, so i'm not concerned about mem hungry applications, i use sandra to benchmark my system before and after installing new programs to see if any performance has been lost or gained. see for ur self, install 30day free trial and compare to avast, i bet nod32 finds threats that avast cant. B)

    Actually recently avast has been very good. I am convinced by what you say that you have not even given the new avast a try at all, so your comments are pretty much moot. If you check Virus Bulletin avast got the 100% award many times over the past few months, they failed a lot in the past yes but they have made huge improvements and now they detect threats as good as any other including nod.

    And avast is definitely not a memory hog, I don't know if it uses less than nod or not but it seems slim and fast to me. And I have gotten zero false alarms.

    And about installing nod32 and seeing if it finds threats, well I've already tried nod32 several times along with others. But they never find threats anyways since I don't go downloading weird stuff or getting viruses.

  4. That boot.ini is exactly the same as mine, it's just the default...

    So that doesn't really solve my problem. I somehow don't have the boot screen file at all. If it isn't an inconvenience could someone please attach the windows xp pro SP2 boot screen file for me to download? :)

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