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  1. A word of warning about one of these "tips" :

    It should be noted that using the Win ME version of Defrag in place of the 95/98/SE versions, as suggested in this thread and elsewhere too - is *NO* option on disks which use MS DoubleSpace / DriveSpace compression. (For all I know, DxxeSpace was removed from the crippled version of Windows akaWindows ME.) All it can do is defrag' the underlying uncompressed drive, which is generally moot anyway ,...but the code for defragging the compressed volumes is simply not in there :-(




    I'm thinking that Gape's Service Pack replaces the original Defrag with a different one. Is the Win ME version of Defrag the one that comes in the Unofficial 98SE Service Pack?


  2. Question no.1 : Is there any browser based on I.E 6.1 SP1?

    I think you mean different shells for the rendering engine. Yes, there are. Maxthon, Avant, etc.

    Question no.2 : Do you think that browsers based on 6.1 SP1 will be more secure and stable?
    Not a chance. All the vulnerabilities are in the rendering engine. Shells won't change that.
    Question no.3 : Which browser do you use most commonly use?


    I am using Seamonkey as I type this. I downloaded the new version Seamonkey 1.0.6 and installed it this morning. I like it. I use KerioPersonalFirewall 2.1.5 and AVG 7 on my computer. I also you IProtect You v 3.06 for filtering. One of the things it does is filter ads. Is browsing with Seamonkey safe for my Win98SE machine with those safeguards in place?



  3. 'MDGx' said:

    The Start button logo is an icon inside %windir%\SYSTEM\USER.EXE .

    Open USER.EXE [backed up copy]in Exescope [shareware]:


    and replace the icons you want from the icon group 105.

    Just this week I've started to play with ResHacker. I know almost nothing about the program, so my question may be a dumb one. Here goes anyway.... Can you use ResHacker to do what you're describing above?


  4. What do you mean, 'will not open'?

    I click on Sylpheed.exe, I get a busy cursor like something is going on, then the cursor reverts back to the regular cursor, without the program's having opened. Sylpheed does not appear in the task list, so it's not even running in the background.

    Have you tried the Kernel Update?

    I'll counter with a question - what do you mean "Kernel Update"? I don't have a clue what that is or how to "try" it.


  5. I thought I'd try out the email program called Sylpheed. I downloaded it yesterday at work (faster connection than here at home) and installed it on the XP machine in my office. Very nice looking email program! I brought it home and installed it on my Win98SE machine here at home. It installed fine, but the program will not open. On the Sylpheed site, it *says* it should work on Win98SE.

    Have any of you had the experience of Sylpheed not working in 98SE? Have any of you had the program work for you?

    Thanks in advance for any input!


  6. Thanks Ivman

    I have tried that but all system is working fine except that I am unable set the keyboard to input chinese characters. Normal when we select 'control panel' and select keyboard, there is an option for 'language' and we could add other languages ( eg. chinese ) in and with option on the keypad we could switch between the 2 languages. Also I am only able to see chinese languages in web-site or emails, but unable to set the menu item to chinese.

    Have you tried hitting Ctrl+Shift ?


  7. Hi I am using a win98 system and have tried several ways to install chinese inout method and language. But all turn up to be not effective. I can't select keyboard input method even after installing ie3lpktw.exe, ie3lpkcn.exe, tcmondo.exe, scmondo.exe and windows-kb890830-v1.14.exe. Wonder if any of you are able to help

    Here are a few links to get you started. I studied Mandarin last fall and needed to be able to input Simplified Chinese in Word 97. The information and downloads on the pages below helped me be able to do that.

    Install Microsoft Global IME 5.02 for 32-bit Windows, downloadable from http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/ie6/do...me/install.mspx




  8. I tried the eye dropper thing.......I can change that stuff myself allthough that .cpl is handy.


    See the black font ? I need to change it somehow...

    I can highly recommend a little program called Desktop Architect 2.11. I have used it for years, and with it I can tweak all the various colors on the Appearance tab. You can use either the drop-down menu to get to the part of the display you want to change or you can click on that object on the left and it will pop to the desired drop-down. You can save your changes as a "theme" or just apply them.

    You can read about the program by scrolling down to it at


    Or you can download it immediately at http://www.desktopstarships.com/Downloads/Programs/da211.zip

    Hope this is of help to you.


  9. Don't get me wrong. I am not for forcing good tools on chickens who are afraid of trying it.

    But read my lips for once: WINTOP WORKS FOR ME ON WINDOWS 98SE.

    Sorry, I don't care that the page says win95 only.

    appp is right. ivman is wrong! sure, RJARRRPCGP, the Wintop powertoy is listed on a Win95 page but Wintop works on all Win9xME systems. I ran Wintop under Win98, 98se & ME and it worked just fine on those 9x versions of Windows. I'm serious!

    This is ivman reporting back in. Actually, I was not speaking as an expert on the app - I was just going by what info was on the site. Here's what I actually said in my only post on this subject: "On the site you gave, it says specifically *not* to use that PowerToy with Win98. Have you had any problems using it with 98SE? Just wondering why they say not to...."

    Are there not apps made for Win95 that WON'T work on Win98?!? When the page specifically says not to use the app on Win98SE, what was I to assume? How can one be "wrong" when all he does is quote the info on the download site?!? Sheesh! You might more correctly say the download site is wrong.

    Since then, on the recommendations of others on this thread, I *have* tried it on my Win98SE, and it works fine on my computer too. :yes:


  10. let me guess, you've an Nvidia graphics card and you've recently changed your drivers

    yes/no ?

    Nope, sorry to blow that theory, Miko. I don't have an Nvidia graphics card.

    Just this evening when I went to make a new folder in Windows Explorer by clicking on File|New, I saw that New is gone! So with that, the option to make new folders is also gone. Argh!

    Has anyone else had this happen, and if so, how can I get that option back? I've tried searching Microsoft's (useless) Knowledge Base and found nothing.

    Any help would really be appreciated.


    Finally through some creative Googling, I found an answer to my problem at


    I thought I'd post it for the archives in case anyone else runs into this problem.


  11. Just this evening when I went to make a new folder in Windows Explorer by clicking on File|New, I saw that New is gone! So with that, the option to make new folders is also gone. Argh!

    Has anyone else had this happen, and if so, how can I get that option back? I've tried searching Microsoft's (useless) Knowledge Base and found nothing.

    Any help would really be appreciated.


  12. In fact, I don't like to add any 3-rd party program into the SP. But, Notepad is an exception. So, I wonder your opinion about Notepad replacements.


    I prefer NoteTab Light - http://www.notetab.com , but you could probably not add that to the SP. I use NoteTab almost exclusively. It has tabs, unlimited file size, many neat features which are customizable, and the tabs can be set to all reload when you open the program each time. So nice not to have to look for various files I'm working on or updating. It converts text to html in one click - great for stuff for my website - http://ivman.com

    You can add whichever one you want to the SP. I'll probably not vote on this one.


  13. It's great that SP provides two great PowerToys: CommandPromptHere and TweakUI.

    There is one more great tool from the past that I would love to see in SP (optional).

    It is WinTop (aka Windows Process Watcher, aka top for windows). It is a part of this package:


    I check that it works and it is a perfect tool to actually see what is actually running.

    On the site you gave, it says specifically *not* to use that PowerToy with Win98. Have you had any problems using it with 98SE? Just wondering why they say not to....


  14. Anyone that knows anything, leaves IE alone, and opts for Firefox or Opera (and I wont debate the better, its very much opinion oriented, they are both good, I prefer Opera) ;)

    I just downloaded Opera, which is now for free. It doesn't have Java, so I've downloaded Sun's Java. I'm not sure which to install first, or if I even need Sun Java.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  15. I am running Win98SE with Gape's latest unofficial service pack. For virus protection I use Antivir Personal Edition and keep it updated. I use iProtectYou for content filtering, which filters advertisement and takes care of a lot of garbage that way. I use Maxthon for my browser for it's popup blocking and ad filters - seems to work *much* better for that than Firefox where *lots* of popups end up opening, no matter how I set the settings!

    In addition to all that I use ZoneAlarm as my firewall. Do I really need a firewall?


  16. In case anyone else was wondering, or even for archival purposes, I'm going to send you how I was able to make my Win98SE able to view and input Chinese characters.

    Somone who viewed the original question I posted sent me a link to a site with Chinese lanugage software, mostly to purchase, but some free. That link is


    One of the links on that site was to a site with all kinds of tips and tools that enabled me to do what I wanted to do. On http://www.mandarintools.com there's a link for downloading a Word97 Chinese Input Macro - a free macro to input Chinese into Word97 documents without a separate Chinese sytem. Click on that link and follow all the directions there.

    I hope this is of help to someone down the road.


  17. I have begun to study Chinese at the university this year, and of course, all the computers on campus are XP. At home, though, I am still using Windows 98SE.

    Is it possible to install simplified Chinese on my computer so that I can read and write Chinese with 98SE like you can do on XP? If so, how?

    I have tried going to a website with Chinese on it and clicking on yes when a dialog box asks if I'd like to install Chinese. It goes through the download, but even after reboot, the Chinese characters won't appear on the screen. Also in the Control Panel under Regional Settings, Chinese is not even listed as one of the languages available, even after I've done the install described earlier in this paragraph.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  18. i like and use WinTidy 2.0 which is a PCMag freeware prog, i like it cause it's not resident (or at least doesn't have to be)

    it's kind of a follow up to iconlock mentioned above.

    tested lots of these kind of things in the past and settled on this one.

    eh, i just thought i'd mention it...

    It looks like you have to be a subscriber in order to get this one.


  19. First ... let me say ... I LOVE WIN98 SE SP 2

    As someone who thinks Win98 is the best OS for any PC, it's great to have something that not only updates, but gathers together all the best ideas into one area. It's the way software always should be.

    Anyway, my favorites include:


    -- Notepad. WOW! This is so much better than the original. Anyone that doesn't like it must also prefer to wash their clothes in a running stream instead of using a washing machine.

    I have a personal favorite - NoteTab Light found at http://www.notetab.com

    It is a tabbed text editor and it will convert text to html at the click of a button. You can have it replace Notepad or revert to Notepad also.

    I am not suggesting that you add this to the SP, especially since it's not open source, but it is freeware that any of you could download and install on your computers. I love it! Give it a try.


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