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  1. SilverHaze420,

    I have been preparing the master client today and have done all service packs for XP, Office Pro and installed all applications, (22) in all. Have cleared event logs, temp files etc and am just about ready.

    I have unfortunately joined the NT domain though, is there a way to roll back from this or disjoint from the domain??

    Also we only have Ghost 2003, is multicast included in this because I cannot find anything about it??

    I am hoping I can go with the Ghost option as you suggest and as previously mentioned I can confirm I have not had to activate because it has OEM version prepared on each client HDD.

  2. Thank you for the info so far, this is informative and useful.

    They will be joining the domain (NT4) no AD present. Servers will be 2003 in a few months but that's not my issue. I also understand 150 more XP clients will be delivered on a volume license at the same time but that will be done by the new guy.

    I have not even ventured into Sysprep yet so the SID issue I will have to find in the setupmgr.exe??

    I still am unsure about COA on the cases, can someone explain if I will be OK doing this?

    1. Will it prompt me to enter ProductID during install on each PC?

    2. Then can I go ahead and activate each one?

  3. This will be my first post here so please be gentle...

    I am experienced in the use of Windows 98 and some use of XP Pro, however this is my task and I am looking for some guidance. (I am a teacher)

    I need to install XP Pro, service packs and all 19 school applications onto 29 new identical PC's in a school I recently started working at.

    I have experience of Ghost 2003 and have found Microsoft Sysprep program and would like some pointers:

    1. The new PC's are all badged with COA Certificate of Authentication numbers on their cases and obviously have XP ready to go on their HDD, If I tried to ghost or Sysprep would the individual installs on each PC allow me to enter the unique ProductID's and then activate them after install, or will I destroy or overwrite them by putting an image over them??

    2. The school applications are very varied and range from music, math, science etc and all have had service packs and upgrades applied. I must try and gather all of these into an image file along with XP from a master PC, is this really going to be possible?

    Any advise will be appreciated, I will study the guidance and compile an instruction guide before rushing into this, we do have a new technical person starting at the school, but not for another month and I have been tasked to get these up and running ASAP. :no:

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