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  1. Download one from here https://www.dll-files.com/api-ms-win-core-file-l1-2-1.dll.html that matches your architecture (32 or 64), sometimes it works. Make sure to run any dll's you download through virustotal. Edit: Sorry, that is the wrong DLL. Should have checked better, sorry
  2. The P cores are most likely the first cores - for example, if you have 8P + 8E, then the P cores will be the first 16 cores (8P cores + their hyperthreads), and the E cores will be the last 8 cores. Generally speaking, during normal desktop use, the programs which have opened GUI windows should be scheduled on P cores for the best responsiveness of user programs, whereas background tasks and services should be put on the E cores. During gaming, the game should be put on P cores and everything else should be on E cores. That's how I would do it if I were coding the scheduler.
  3. I got an idea for how you might be able to fix the scheduler issues with p-cores e-cores somewhat. If you can get the default CPU Affinity for explorer.exe to be on only the P-cores, this will have the effect of having all user-launched programs on the P-cores, and some of the "system" or "background" processes will be able to use the E-cores (or user can set specific programs to use E-cores through task manager). Not quite sure exactly how you could get this done, but perhaps making a task scheduler to kill and immediately re-start explorer with P-core-only affinity would work although it might look bad as the taskbar appears and disappears.

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