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  1. There are many APIs in Windows 10 which Chrome will use, many of them are security or sandboxing related. Just as an example off the top of my head, nested job objects is something I saw in the chromium source code.
  2. Skylake is relatively easy. I mean the Skylake iGPU even has an official win7 driver that works without modding.
  3. I have been greatly overhauling the internals of VxKex recently. In upcoming releases, there will be big improvements, such as: Better support for applications which are started from other applications. Many installers depend on this functionality, but so far the implementation in VxKex has been buggy and incomplete. In the upcoming releases, this will be done properly. Better support for rewriting imports of DLLs that are loaded after a program starts. Currently you have to tick "Wait for child process to exit" in the settings, which many users probably didn't know to do. In the upcoming releases, DLLs that are loaded after program startup will always be rewritten, as they should be. Better support for console applications. Currently, the support for console applications started from cmd.exe is buggy, as a direct result of #1 (applications started from other applications), and required a workaround. Better error reporting messages. Some users may have noticed the beginnings of better error messages starting from version The default error messages provided by Windows are sometimes extremely unclear, so in new releases they will be replaced by custom error messages which tell you what is going on. Better information logging. Currently, log is displayed in a console window, which is often too narrow to display the information properly - and the text is disorganized. In the future, logs will be stored in a different format and you will be able to view them neatly in an application similar to Windows Event Viewer. You can expect a new release in the next few weeks or months containing some of the above features. Feel free to ask here or open github issues if you have technical questions.
  4. Minecraft works fine for me on my desktop with a rtx2060 but on my laptop, new versions of MC don't work. Apparently they need some directx features which those old iGPUs don't have. Just stick with old version of minecraft honestly they didnt add that much good stuff
  5. I will add that to next release. In the meantime you can go to registry, browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VXsoft\VxKexLdr\DllRewrite, add a new String key, named api-ms-win-downlevel-ole32-l1-1-0.dll, and set value to ole33.dll and see if it works. Let me know whether that helped
  6. Mypal68 works great on XP. Even JS bloatware sites like discord, youtube and twitch all work. There are very few useful sites that don't work on Mypal68. Unfortunately, it doesn't work on Windows2000 even with extended kernel, but what can you expect. Many thanks to the author feodor2.
  7. I doubt they really care that much, based on the fact that Aero blur is totally broken on Firefox Win7 and it looks like garbage. I guess it will be good for Classic theme users.
  8. Edge is basically Chrome with a different UI. It doesn't do anything special with regards to integrating with the OS (on windows 7 - windows 10 and 11 is a whole different story). If you prefer the UI, then install it; otherwise just stick with whatever you are using now.
  9. Works fine for me. I used Resource Hacker, changed all instances of "MS Shell Dlg" to "Comic Sans MS" (there are 17 dialogs you need to do this for), compiled all the resource scripts (Play button on the toolbar in RH) and then saved the files on the desktop before copying them to the MUI folder. I don't think you can change the font of the menus or status bar. But everything else can be changed. Probably you are either not correctly saving the MUI file or not putting it in the right place.
  10. You just edited the PE import table? With like CFF explorer or something? That isn't a sustainable solution and it won't work for many functions. Which app are you trying to get running?
  11. For a quick and dirty solution to GetDpiForMonitor you can just set *dpiX and *dpiY both to 96, and return S_OK. Or, if you feel like doing it "properly" there are GDI functions you can use to get the real DPI for the system, which you can use instead. As for SetProcessDpiAwareness, there's SetProcessDPIAware on Windows 7 - or you can just return a success code and do nothing. These DPI functions really don't matter too much if you have a normal (96 dpi or thereabouts) screen.
  12. The USB itself will almost certainly work on Windows 7 even if they don't list support. Maybe some random bundled crapware won't work, but no one uses that stuff anyway.
  13. Install ThrottleStop and see if you can fiddle with C-States/EIST or whatever they call it these days. Some sort of CPU power saving options. Those settings may be in the BIOS as well. I remember that with my other CPU (which was a 3rd gen, ivy bridge, so maybe not that relevant) if I disabled all the power saving options the idle power would be like 50W. Also, I notice that on Win7 the CPU voltage is much higher, which also points to a power saving option not being set when it should. If the BIOS settings don't help, give Throttlestop a try, it really works for tuning your CPU power consumption.
  14. Whoops, I forgot to include the MUI file. I put it in the repo now, just download the whole repo (Code->Download ZIP) and run snippingtool.exe and it should work.
  15. Yes, if you are going to make the EXE yourself, the original source EXE must be from Windows 10 1507. 1809, for instance, doesn't work because they changed the snipping tool to include some annoying UWP banner ad (which you don't want anyway). If you want a pre-made EXE it's available on my github under the SnippingToolEx repo. Obviously MS doesn't care enough to take it down.

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