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  1. weird.png.c324dbf23ac3a4f1e3e6222eac360f16.png

    This is the start menu button image extracted from explorer.exe.

    Aside from the shut down/install updates and shutdown/sleep/lock buttons there are the unindentified cross button and a button with the restart symbol.

    I wonder if it's possible to find out what they were supposed to be and/or add to the power button settings in control panel.

  2. I have vista and 7 installed side by side, and i tried running the 7's wmp, it complains about the version, i can change that in the registry but i'm too afraid to proceed, can someone please try that for me? with extended kernel and all the dlls replaced (wmp.dll,wmploc.dll,wmpps.dll,wmploc.dll.mui) i believe that's possible, don't want the risk of permanent damage tho.


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