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  1. I absloutely don't like the new MSFN design ! With all due respect to the website owners/moderators/creators.

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    2. D.Draker


      See the ugly mole over the chin ? BTW , where's the dark theme ? Absolutely ridiculous bluish (android/alien/snowman person ? I don't know how to properly name it) at the right of the "member" sign. Like's (42) quantity ugly colour . Notice weird squares instead of menus . All is flat and white , why ? Looks like it was made by Win10 fans. Childish design for 3 y.o. old ones. I'm sorry , I know all of you tried , it's just my opinion . 

    3. Tommy


      Okay, looks like you're seeing what I'm seeing then. xper is looking into a dark theme but we can't make any promises on that.

    4. Mr.Scienceman2000


      I wish there would be way to revert old layout. Now I need click top menu to some basic actions like edit

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