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  1. MSFN is a strong and healthy community that stays on it's course ! Yeah , on it's right course.  Though , I do not like the word community  , community ....  communism ... 

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    2. Dixel


      Oh , it's okay , I got that . I mean , this word doesn't sound good , having the same root with the word communism.

    3. NojusK


      You sound quite russophobic.

    4. Dixel



      1. Russians did not invent communism. Or you're saying 100% of them are communists ? Well , that's really bad of you , 'cause this is called labeling . There are plenty of communists in the world , yet the first thing that came to your mind is the only one nationality , shame on you !

      2. Phobia means to be afraid , please read the meaning of the words before posting (!) .

      Also , try to learn some history basics , like who , when and where. And one more , I didn't post my own associations for you to come here and start a political discussion , it's prohibited here. 

      Do not try to say something that's never been said by me . Read what I wrote again , use a translator , if you do not understand. Why did you even start to mention certain nationalities, one more of such things and I'll block you . 

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