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  1. That would be a disadvantage of UEFI compared to BIOS I'm outright denying. UEFI launches the one Windows Boot Manager, which might as well be a Windows 7 one including an 8.1 entry.

    Regards, VZ

  2. The Windows 7 boot manager won't hurt Windows 8.1 in any way, shape or form. In theory you could install anything down to Windows Vista alongside anything up to Windows 10 without causing any damage.

    Regards, VZ

  3. Thank you. :)

    You know, I couldn't for the life of me make sense of replies like "The update is not applicable to your computer".


    An answer in perfect accordance to article 4569557 was given, but no success???

    So I tried to break Windows Update by removing KB4474419. Nothing happened.

    Ran Windows Update on a fresh virtual installation of Windows 7 SP1 - found updates without making any preparations...

    I know that both updates become indispensable going further, but Microsoft's claim of "Will be impacted" regarding Windows 7 SP1 is just plain incorrect. Windows 7 SP1 has experienced no change at all by the 2020 SHA-1 endpoint discontinuation.

    Also note that it just makes no sense advising to fix Windows 7 RTM and SP1 the same way.


    Regards, VZ


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  4. On 8/19/2020 at 9:30 AM, surrodox2001 said:

    In the light of MS removing all non-SHA2 downloads recently, I was wondering how it would affects updates for Windows 7 

    Not at all. In full contrast to Microsoft's announcement at help article 4569557, Windows 7 SP1 remains unaffected whatsoever by the August 2020 discontinuation of SHA-1 based endpoints.

    Regards, VZ

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