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  1. I sorta solved that with Outlook 2010/2003/any outlook before 2013 that had very good built in calendar. I use it since can sync notes with PDA with Nokia pc-sync. That is one thing to consider use. You do not need add email account to outlook in order access calendar. Outlook is bundled with Microsoft Office if you have that installed
  2. "Just upgrade to new wasteful toy one more time and we promise wont shove new broken standard down your throat again". I am tired of that. This need to stop. Only reason is to milk customers. Sure consumertards love that. They love artificial short lifespan and wasting money. I was serious about going to HAM radio on day 2G closes. I will use google voice if need call and do rest of comms on ham radio. Maybe you need to start making long term decisions too. I cannot rely operators for rest of life. HAM radios been same technology wise forever and could buy old unit and use it just fine with newer ones.
  3. Irony is that sites used to block other than Internet Exploiter from accessing sites. Many sites relied on Internet exploiter broken standards like msjava and mshtml to render. For me Chromium and Internet exploiter are same evil just with different logo. Internet exploiter recommend everyone use broken MSHTML, Google recommends everyone use Chromium exclusive HTML5. Internet Exploiter had OLE embedded controls aka ActiveX also known as infectiveX for it HDD formatting capabilities, google pushes webassembly that is basically operating system running inside browser and can do lot of nasty stuff. Sure someone will pull "but it is cross platform now" argument. It is cross platform evil, but it does not work on every platform. I got plenty of machines that cannot run it for hardware or software configuration reasons. And remember back in day same people defended InfectiveX and MSHTML to be real standard and others just could not follow good standards and how internet exploiter was super secure and much later they admitted how horrible ie was for usability and reliability standpoint. Now they just got other thing to blindly defend until new evil comes in and they admit Chromium, webassembly and HTML5 were huge mistakes. i would recommend pick browser that purpose is to download documents over internet and render them onto your screen, not be gaming or Alternate reality or other trash platform. Modified Mypal with nMatrix, Noscript, decentraliseye, firefox 2 theme, is my choice. It does not not have Webrtc at all unlike Chromium (another vurneability made on purpose), it allows disable Webassembly totally, supports java and flash if need them (off unless I allow). I block javascript on most sites. If site does not render on Goanna engine it means I am not welcome to the site and I should look alternative.
  4. seems they forget that already. Like they forget GSM supposed be STANDARD so you would not need multiple handsets, but that is not companies want. They want to milk you off as much as can and some actually like it. We live in world of consumertards who enjoy anticonsumer practises. well few years you and others will complain from 5g shutdown since 6g is out and few years 7g is out and everyone will complain from 6g shutdown and then 8g comes out and closes 7g but you are no longer allowed complain from it for your benefit because big corpos know it better. Supply chain shortage is our own fault and cannot be blamed on covid. Why we need stuff computer into every single device and connect it to internet? I guess soon spoons will need wifi to eat food and will sell what you eat and how much to insurance company so they can increase insurance costs based on it. My old UPO fridge works perfectly fine without internet, so does my kotikokki oven and my Hyundai microvawe and others so why they would need it? Oh yeah to sell my data to companies... And same time we all sudden care from environment but wont change our wasteful consumertarism practises that does it way worse.
  5. newer tor browser uses certain resolution to all users. But even that wont always work and there is ways to find resolution with browser atleast on XORG under linux
  6. For me safebrowsing always been obsolete. Back in day it sorta worked because lot of bad sites had same domain for long example being goggle, youareanidiot and spysheriff. Nowadays sites keep changing domain all the time so blocking is obsolete. I have followed some scam sites and they had like 20+ different domains with same contect. Even worse is some antivirus companies are including "block forbidden sites" feature which is av company predefined list from bad sites that includes lot of rom sites, modding sites and other. Many turn that on for protection PS. Am I only who has been able block domains they want before safebrowsing was even a thing?
  7. it is linux fork that fixes palememe antifeatures like addon blocking and allows install any ff52 compatible addon that new palememe cannot. i already disabled history, web cache and other and I prefer bleachbit over ciacleaner since avast made it adware If you want know which bleachbit works on XP 3.0.0 portable is latest. It claims wont but runs just fine and so far had no system breakage. Just be careful with it since it can break stuff but it allows clean traces pretty well.
  8. for me it is more why I should bother. If I install FF to someone I remove them, but personally no longer use Firefox. Still recommend hardened firefox over ms edgy or Brave that should be called coward browser since it has nothing brave
  9. seems we share something in common Privacy rights but not privacy stupidity. And at the end nobody knows if those paid "good" services would not do same as evil google. I use gmail for email just because it is free and I need email sometimes and prefer use IRLTalk to other. Sure I cannot use google chrome (rare expection is ungoogled) or other but you need to give evil a bit to make it. I wont use fbibook or others, I wont use all fancy spyware applications of today but like you said only way true privacy is live in hills.
  10. i do not trust firefox anymore since funded by big g and out of box it is pretty spyware. https://spyware.neocities.org/articles/firefox.html compare that with Palememe https://spyware.neocities.org/articles/palemoon.html and there is browser called Webbrowser on linux that removes palememe antifeatures and for windows I use tweaked mypal. I disabled WASM and Webgl totally
  11. i can get decent used car with that money!! Someone really is going to waste 2000$ to wasteful toy that will die in year or two or right away when drops. I actually calculated and around 2000€ is what I spent on 6 fully functional easily servicable, user programmable desktop computers and one server rack together! Plus perihepals like like headphones, keyboard, old mini hi-fi system and others. And money been spent over five years period. How? I did not bought latest and greatest rather old good but cheap/free. out of curiosity what is voip software you use to call? Does it run on XP? well they can always go backv when we some point realised all was f***ed up. I would say best is keep 2g for voice calls/slow data and then have second band for data only. You do not need to watch cat videos when you call to someone. Why did we had to sell telecom finland (later sonera) to swedish telia. We lost landlines and FAX others since it.
  12. they do and that is why i said smart speakers to be bad. There has been multiple firmware exploits on them that been used to listen owners by other than amazon and other companies. And when those are anywhere hacker could gain good wiretap network around. Second example is when I had server connecting outside some sort of IOT linux device tried connect to it. I did some scan and found was smart pump that did
  13. I am pretty sure consumers will be blocked accessing to it lets wait first internet failure and see how long those band aid soluctions to voice over 5g or 4g data will last. Here we had that failing once and I was one few who was able to call still on "bad ooooooold phone". Reason to fail was network switch misconfiguration that also took down all internet connectivity. Everyone was happy ignore root of issue. What is worse goverment will move Viranomaisverkko which is tetra radio based network used to critical power plants, police, fire dep first aid etc. to 4G. That felt like bad joke first. They really plan rely all critical comms to publicly traded companies and wait until network is hacked or crashes. are you kidding me? They close 4g in states already too. We will return back to bad old days when cellphones had tall antenna you had to pull out to have any type reception and if you moved at all lost reception. 5G issue is was able make it drop to 4g on friend phone with piece of metal. Technology did complete 360 but as worse than before. I guess we are back to smoke signals or drums soon to communicate... I have made my decision. If they kill 2g I will go to HAM radio, those can be encrypted, are decentralised and wont rely central tower to work. I plan get radio amateur licence next year. I need it to be allowed use radio without traficom tracking me down and fine me.
  14. united states still got full 2g operational despite they claim otherwise. I got friend in states and he knows. They also said german had 2g shut down but apparently not.
  15. I recommend anything that got no replaceable battery, is spying you 24/7, is unrepairairable because those are you benefits. Ok not really just tired some actually thinking those are plus. Liberm 5 is decent but I would recommend fairphone more than it but US uses weird freqs . I also would recommend wait new Pinephone pro to come out. It can be basically used as small laptop with keyboard case it will have. Just because they cost wont automatically mean bad. Those are cheaper than flagship phones, but those will last longer than others and can service. Consider long term I got no smartphone, still got old nokia brick but that wont mean i wont have experience with smartphones since many around me got them. I know one who got early pinephone and had change to mess with KDE mobile I think was what os was called. Pinephone pro will actual be better. Also swapped fairphone camera module once to one after it got beaten. I did not have say any cursewords while replacing module which means non as***** design. If want go maxium security and privacy use free and open source applications that been verified not to send unneeded requests, for example brave, firefox, waterfox and some other "privacy" browsers that are open source send lot of data from you to maker. For gaming I do not know. I never understood so called "gaming phones". I did want nokia N-gage as kid but that had actual commercial releases and not ad infested pay to win trash and had bluetooth multiplayer or GPRS (Watch out when parents found out your phone bill for doingn that). I never got one and grew past phone video gaming. I only play snake or memory game that were on 6110, nothing else. Investing tons to cell phones to play games is stupid for me. Also playing youtube wont need latest flagship hw. If you are watching youtube with android use newpipe that is less bloated
  16. you cant. Content delivery networks are from big companies like google and exist on many sites. Blocking connection to them with umatrix helps partially but decentraliseye does better job by redirecting code running on CND into local browser cache. In short CND is (from cloudflare) ironic they say improve security when it can risk someone site if main CDN is compromised. Instead of being compromised all does
  17. Latest version? Home or pro? You did not give it any change to internet access during setup? If you did that is issue
  18. decentraliseye, ublock origin, nss + umatrix on palememe based browser is good combination. Decentraliseye moves Content delivery networks into local system and can fight against this too is CND is used on attack
  19. I got northwood Pentium 4 whhich was 478 socket and it is actually very decent. My cpu runs at 50c max. Prescott was socket 775 and outputted lot of heat, but I never had too bad overheat with them. Maybe manufacture did same mistake as IBM once and left "peel this" sticker into heatsink
  20. You forgot smart speakers. Those create pretty good wiretap network, even if you wont have one neibour on could in theory listen trough wall
  21. I got nokia "competitor" to that on my collection (since it was compared with it sometimes). Nokia 6600 which was actually first phone I ever had. Was originally saved from dumpster I think (someone tossed away 600 euros smartphone back then just because small screen crack). It had VGA camera, Calendar, Bluetooth, Symbian S60, Java, Memory card, midi and vaw ringtones, sound recorder, camecoder and other cool things that younger me was amazed. That phone came out in 2003 and mine is 2004 firmware and someone had tossed it away in late2005/early 2006 I got other classics too like Nokia 880 (Reshelled Nokia 2110 mostly), Nokia 5110, Nokia 3210, Nokia 3330 (nokia 3310 with few additions to firmware), Nokia 3510i, Nokia 9300, Nokia e90 and list goes on... I got all for free by salvaging them from being recycled as "worthless" I like to swap my phone sometimes to play with something I would like to try from those oldies but goldies.
  22. I wonder how script and element blocking will affect to that. I block everything by default for safety reasons. As for fingerprinting feels whole HTTP (and HTTPS) is designed it on mind. User agent is good example. There is never use case to it. It is only used to part of fingerprinting, block you from accessing sites that are done by soydevs and other. Only real reason would be to use it detect what platform you try download program for but hey if you are dumb enough to choose from dropdown menu why are you downloading stuff to begin with? I guess I go to gopher or gemini protocols for good
  23. It is same problem on me. How many times someone said "let me send you that on whatsapp...oh wait you had that nokia thingy" when spoke to someone on phone. Having Whatsapp is not enough reason to move away from my old Nokia brick. 6110 is this phone. What is great on it despite being released in 1997 it got very good if not better reception than some newer handsets (external antenna), it lasts around 1-2weeks with third party 1200mah battery depending how much I call, it allows to have custom ringtone and caller groups plus mute calls based on group on profiles for example night I only accept family calls nothing else since they would not call me for no reason in middle of night. Many phones from same era had short battery life with beefier one than mine. If file is actually important email or FTP it to me, sending important files over IM client is bad idea since will get lost eventually to all useless messages. I have noticed that nobody bothers to call or text something pointless to me so win for me.
  24. Finding this stuff is hard for many users. I tried search XP compatible browser for long and most was either spam or article how XP got no supported browsers. That is one roadblocks. Second is not knowing there is "professional" XP community in MSFN that tries to extend life of the system. 99% of web response is do not use XP and nobody does use XP. For around 4-7 years I though that as well to be last person wanting use XP seriously and could see trough BS from XP. Then ended to MSFN and well here we are. Before I did not say anyone I had XP for serious use now my family and friends know I run XP and even 98 as day to day OS. Was fun explain dad about all softwares that were designed for XP. For me Pentium 4/Pentium M is minium to XP platform. I have run and actually currently got Windows XP (for 20th anniversity) running on Compaq Presario 5000 with 850mhz Celeron, but I prefer Pentium 4 for better multimedia performance with DVR card. I watch TV with my CRT monitor. I got 2.80ghz 478 socket Pentium 4 HT one for XP. That brought funny thing in mind long ago. I had change compare 1.2ghz Pentium 3 and 1.4?ghz Pentium 4 and performance was pretty equal in most tasks. Biggest different on early Pentium 4 was pipeline that in theory was faster on some tasks optimised to it. it might be Corporate edition since it did not need activation. I was able to obtain corporate edition CD and licence key from one place that tossed away old systems. Using corporate edition is sorta grey zone since eula does not permit even if it is genuine, but it would be worry if I had business and would end up having audit.
  25. You seem to be new here so welcome. Seems you made same decision as I did. Linux and other Unix like are path outside XP. yes. I have not found any good alternative to XP. Latest handbrake to XP fails to render lot of stuff.

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