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  1. This indeed. Also if you used Windows vista or windows 7 on basic theme system is "slower" while it is not. And Windows 8 forces DWM on that makes it "faster" Reason for that is aero theme uses transaction effect when program start. Let me put it this way. Standard/Basic theme=click/enter gui program command>program executes>program draws with no transaction leaving program with white and blank background for moment>program startup finishes. Aero/win8 DWM=theme=click/enter gui program command>program executes>program loads with fade in transaction>program startup finishes All of that is illusion since transaction animation. On other hand if animation is slow it can make loading slower. You can try that on vista by toggling basic theme and then starting properties menu from right click menu. You will likely see that "lag" and when back aero gone again. This sounds like 2012 Microsoft shill. "It's your problem if cant get used to new UI" Also I got high feeling this is bait since new member and first post. Too bad I am not fish (and not owl either despite profile picture says so) so I wont eat bites. For me it is choice of OS and respect any other OS choice as long as they respect my. I can understand even using of Windows 11 with all latest ms programs but just personally hate it and believe everyone got right to use OS they want and should not be forced to latest. I wont force win11 users to win98 or XP either.
  2. I know those prices on Canada since one friend which brought fun story in mind. One of my friends who lives in Canada actually chose buy old 720mb IBM hard drive to his 486 from me since was cheaper ship it from Finland to Canada than buy there plus it was tested by me. I wonder what custom was thinking that single 720mb hdd was shipped from other side world.
  3. I never paid from my units outside batteries. First one I ever had was found on trash (nokia 6600 from 2003) just because had small crack on casing glass that did not affect usability. Back then that was high end smartphone with 500 euros pricetag. After that I had few samsung and others that never paid. Eventually went back to 6600 then downgrded to Nokia 6110 from 1997. Amazing is that that phone with 1200mah battery lasts 1-2 weeks depending how much I call with it. Plus it got that nice chameleon color body and it was assembled in my home country. Plus it got cool ringtones and snake that is timekiller sometimes.
  4. I need investigate what could be wrong. Can you put picture from Ematrix or whatever matrix you use. Boycott modern internet overall. It is too bloated, too much data collection and other big issues. I am actually so happy when I find some pure lean and static webpage on internet instead of web framework made page
  5. there is peertube and few others but nobody seems actually competite with youtube properly in contect. Peertube can be self hosted but is kinda bloated. I have been thinking doing video service way it was done back in day. Put videos as mp4 on webpage that everyone can download and watch from hard drive. If you want watch youtube invidious seems like best option for windows and pipe viewer with mpv for linux Most of contect is pre 2010 down to 1960s so it is on PAL VHS quality or PAL tv quality. I currently got around 100gb of archived video contect plus few hundred more on personally recorded videos and pics and too much music. With larger drives problems seems to backing them up.
  6. I wonder if we will get alternative service that alter youtube using scripts to show dislikes that are not hosted by youtube?
  7. just wanted make sure since not sure what all tor browser settings it used. At default tor browser script blocking is useless. I always wondered why slider is not at safest mode by default on it
  8. i need test that on my end and report back. Also seems invidious can still read youtube dislike from api
  9. you also should block js with thing like noscriptand set useragent to something generally used. That wont fix fingerprinting fully but reduces it on basic methods
  10. I did not buy ram to browse web rather use it for stuff like virtual machines but seems web takes more from ram.
  11. Interesting enough ram usage seems to match with your browser. I got no lag though. You could try block useless scripts with Ematrix or similar. Following is minium needed to fully use MSFN I am using those and lag is gone even on Pentium 4
  12. i prefer store content I watch locally. In that case only bottleneck is my hardware. There is reason why I got 2x1tb drives on both XP machines and few 2tb external drives. I wont trust youtube storing material that is historically valuable. I save them with multiple backups to try preserve them for future generations since silicon valley wont care. One example proved me enough youtube wont care from history. In Finland we have KAVI that got RITVA archive with Radio and TV material from early days to this day. That is closed archive and ability watch material been limited to few locations in Finland due "copyright". Those places do not allow copy contect for own use but some ended up bypassing that smart no usb ports and no internet protection with use of Camcoders and Cameras and uploaded contect to youtube so anyone could enjoy it. What this got to do with Youtube? What KAVI ended up doing was uploading all their contect into youtube contect ID platform that ended up not only removing those captures but also remove any VHS rips someone did. And youtube did not care from fair use or it being historically notable to store. As someone who is interested on history I believe that all old material should be openly accessible for everyone to research and learn and not locked to one centralised place. You need understand history to understand current time and need to learn from past mistakes.
  13. I have but it is pretty much leftover from past and mostly use it to comment...rarely It had recent upload for fun that got shadowbanned along my channel but that is about it. Got feeling will lose channel someday since youtube been deleting my comments with their autofilter. I tested comment on my own channel video and it disappeared. Feels any word criticising big corpros are not ok. What is also interesting is google treats email over IMAP "Insecure" and need tweak settings in order to make it work. Email should be only used over third party client in my opinion not trough webmail or their email app.
  14. Could you link that user script? I may give it a shot on my end to see if works. wonder if this is just way block average person from seeing them since that what companies seems to do. That point using private API may work but prepare for account termination. I fixed it.
  15. Germany seems have more sensible prices than here on marketplaces. Everyone seems to aim for prices they find on internet. Someone asked 100e for 3310 without battery while I was able to hunt down one of those for free and that phone was actually 3330 which is better than 3310. And got free compaq desktop and 2x laptops and other devices along with it. At the end for me price I get from selling old stuff (unless it is something like old classic car I kept in perfect shape). wont matter if person who recieves it got need for it. When you sell that "super ultra rare" Nokia 3310 (not like it was super popular here) with sensible price you get rid of it easily and may make someone else life better. I would not have gotten hands for DCT3 phones I dreamed without those free phones and person was happy to give them good home. That site seems nice but too bad they wont ship aboard
  16. funny since I prefer run XP on as fast hw as can without issues i cannot miss win2000 even these days. There are CNC machines and other professional equipments that were made for windows 2000. Few places I need visit at work got win2000 for CNC use. And few years ago I saw cnc machine with windows 9x bsod. No pic from that since was not allowed carry camera there. Equipment was working happily though so I guess control unit was seperate
  17. We got text on DVB-T/DVB-T2/DVB-C. I took those screenshot from channels directly using my computer. I got few usb tuners for my computer and non smart tv TV from 2011 I got for free. Most of time TV serves use for console. Also here We got free over the air tv and free cable tv with around 14 free channels. But to be honest I rarely watch them other than watching news or read teletext. There is nothing but ads after ads after ads after ads expect on YLE which is funded by gov (good and bad thing). Feels modern TV overall is made more for mass consooming of contect instead of having less but good quality contect. Makes me sad to think how awesome TV was back in day. There was actually end of broacast, channels had rememberable logos and jingles, TV news were actually better made and studio looked like nerve center. Over time I guess I will pull more and more side from some technology- Here HD standard changed 3 times. First it was 720p, then all tv turned into 1080i and after it 1080p was final and before 1080p we had no HD channels. We had MPEG2 and H264 codecs in use and still got. I like SD broacasts with MPEG2 since less taxing for cpu. Lower quality works just fine for me.
  18. we currently got digital TV on SD and HD quality. Here digital TV was rushed out but teletext stood luckily. How it was rushed out? Well YLE demanded all go digital in 2008 and did not allow compromise like analog to digital converters to end users to increase sale of digiboxes. End result was most were forced stuck with pixelated glitchy broacasts and most got mad and cancelled their TV licences that later lead YLE turning TV licence into mandotary tax that everyone need to pay even if wont watch tv. Also dynamic services on tv (Multimedia home platform) flopped and now they try repeat same mistake with HBTV. I did not have that issue on Salora or Philips or Nokia CRT televisions I used to use and neither does my "new" (2011) samsung dumbtv. Also my TV tuner on pc seems handle Teletext just fine, but software does fetching. I guess it can be depent on broadcasting system. I would say we need both to have reducant system in emergency. TV broadcast can be kept up and teletext work if main transmitter is on without broadcast. Last time when internet crashed here for day everyone were "omg we are going to die", most were unable to call, read news or listen radio (over internet) while I was also able read news on teletext, listen radio using FM reciever and call on my "bad" and "old" GSM phone since it did not use VOLTE or other VOIP protocol. I actually disable VOLTE from devices I work with to fix call drop issues. On other hand internet may still be reachable it TV broadcast tower suffer bigger issues so that will work on that case. Going all go over IP is horrible idea on crisis or emergencies. TV over IP, Radio over IP, voice calls over IP, authorities communication over IP all in same network. They plan kill Virve radio network here to use 4G LTE from major teleoperator for communications (someone must have gotten new car from operator). Things like fire department, police, paramedics etc uses virve. Imagine what will happen when all is put on single point on failure. On emergency nothing will work and whole country falls withing hours from internet failure I am not saying those cannot be option but not only option since less options means bigger point of failure. But of course nobody ever listen common sense until it is too late
  19. Well pretty sure they wont give teletext up soon here...I found that when was browsing MUTA (Museum of teletext art) pages on YLE teletext
  20. I use ffdshow beta6 rev2527 and Combined Community Codec Pack (dated 2010-10-10) on my win2000 pc that got Pentium M 2.00ghz with WMP 7.1. I can play all H264 MP4 files without problems and other formats natively on Media player.
  21. I can confirm this is indeed legit. I tested it on my win7 machine and it did not explode...atleast not yet. One problem I got is how can I change weather location? I tried my area id and said not found on weather applet.
  22. I ended up trying Bnavigator or browser as it calls itself and having issues trying load ANY addons I had on newmoon or Mypal. All says not supported. Is there way override this inside browser or what value do I need to add to addon install.rdf file? Thanks in advance
  23. my purpose was to show false things some normies got from VPN. Not talking from someone like you or other privacy concern person rather someone who uses iphone and VPN and firefox since went deep into privacy promises. Good VPN/TOR with proper knowledge and precautions is what you need and there is nobody that can do precautions for you. If you wont know threat you cannot fight against it. funny that those commie countries got plenty of free VPN services. I guess honeypots to catch anyone who tries escape authorities. Also never trust any claims VPN provider does. When you look deep enough on internet you find dark truth from any provider.
  24. I actually had newer XP compatible FFMPEG library I use with youtube-dlg so that is not issue. I need look where got it originally. It was from this board I think.
  25. It is based on Python so there is hope make it work on XP. All exe file contains is py file and python runtimes on portable format.

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