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  1. Win32 has not worked on adding hardware support from Windows 7 just yet. That will probably come later on. For now, your hardware appears to be too new for Windows Vista.
  2. Have you tried to get more modern video drivers to work with XP (e.g. Pascal NVIDIA cards)?
  3. Got mine last week, my arm felt a little sore and hurt quite a bit but it'll go away after a few days. It's generally a requirement to drink LOTS of water in the first 48-72 hours after getting the vaccine so that it can work to the best of its ability.
  4. may or may not be alive in the next few months. ama

    1. legacyfan


      are you dieing?

    2. k24a1


      @VistaEXthat was an exaggeration...

      life is f***ing stressful for me right now

    3. legacyfan
  5. i never knew this would ever be possible. nice work
  6. Did you have the patch installed though? I think original ISOs need to have a few updates installed to fix the hanging issue
  7. As a base, would I have to use a clean SP2 ISO (original one by MS from 2009) or one with the april 2017 updates preinstalled? I tried the SHA2 patch for Vista on an updated ISO and I believe I had issues with it.
  8. Exactly HOW did you get Windows Update to work again without the possibility of breaking something? I'm curious.
  9. my computer is still dead and i don't know what to do

    1. Koishi Komeiji

      Koishi Komeiji


      you turn it into a fireplace cuz it's a pentium 4

    2. k24a1


      dude, why would i main a pentium 4 LMAO


      ...although a dimension 4600 is my only suitable backup desktop option at the moment and that suuuuucks

    3. Koishi Komeiji

      Koishi Komeiji

      because why not? XD

  10. how many lads here game on a merom cmp
  11. Among Us v2020.10.22s does not work. KERNEL32 is missing GetLogicalProcessorInformationEx. Would it be possible to add more of these functions?
  12. jeez, what's the matter here? i'd probably suggest that mods would need to lock this thread or delete it...
  13. are there any other download links available for the latest build? the one in winclient5270's video has an issue with ntext.dll not downloading (mega throws a "Temporary error") and i have not really found much luck on trying to find another site hosting the latest version and not some other early builds.

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