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Everything posted by PretzelsFox

  1. Can you change my username to redacted!?
  2. My first computer was a Sony Vaio running Windows XP
  3. Welcome Grease! what's up? hopefully you'll enjoy this forum!
  4. Telegram? Haven't heard of that before? Can you explain what it is?
  5. I prefer WINAMP, still works amazing up to this day! or you know you could stick with good old Windows M E D I A P L A Y E R
  6. Oh that's pretty cool, I hope to see them add more features to it! Also I noticed they got the add ons working with it, pretty cool
  7. Aha, Makes sense! Does any extensions work on it?
  8. I never 100% got behind all the hate on Vista, after some updates it ran really well! It was a really beautiful operating system Also I wouldn't really agree with you on that, there's quite a few browsers that still support vista/xp and even sometimes 2000 and can run modern sites very well ( browsers like newmoon and 360 chrome exist )
  9. New moon? you mean pale moon! Also I think I've used that browser before, also I'm not 100% fans of chromium browsers since they can be quite ram heavy
  10. Sounds interesting, I wonder how they reverse engineered it I wonder if they could get it working on the Windows Mobile msn messenger clients
  11. WELL THAT'S WHY YOU BACKUP YOUR STUFFS also when my mum asks me to help with her phone, it's the most stupid questions lol
  12. I have a discord account, but it seems more like a slack-esque platform Plus I mean it's kinda designed to be for gamers or whatever
  13. Using the POSready servers probably won't be hard, although I don't really see the use in it If you know what your doing, you should be able to be safe
  14. TBH, I tried the free update on Windows 7 on a spare pc, the installation was semi-broken A fresh reinstall fixed it, might just be a bug with only that install
  15. What's up!? also welcome to the forums (I guess)
  16. Ay thanks! This is an interesting forum, I'm glad I found it
  17. might try it via a VM to check for any dodgy stuff, it may be sending data or something to a webserver or whatever! Will check out it and if it's all good I might check it out
  18. The interface on 7 is basically the same as the 8 metro design, with minor changes but most things are the same
  19. I wanna use a chat platform similar to MSN but can't find any Is there any good alternitives?
  20. I'll join once I'm finished setting up my discord
  21. Does anyone have an archive of the site? Maybe it would be a good idea if someone hosted a read-only version of the site, as it had some good information on it
  22. Isn't microsoft including store games on Windows 10 by default? I feel like that's just extra bloat, windows 10 has a lot of features that are just not needed. MICROSOFT could at least make them optional
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