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  1. 4 minutes ago, win32 said:

    On hardware from 2011, definitely. Especially on a mac since there's no BIOS settings that would allow you to enable IDE compatibility mode.

    But wouldn't a USB install work if you slipstreamed AHCI drivers (assuming the error was 0x7B)? BWC's latest IMSM 8.9 would be a good place to start.

    I'm not aware of any way you can get a macbook's boot manager to even read the USB.

  2. Only tested on 13 inch-should work on the other models probably even 2012s cuz it uses quite a few bootcamp 4.0 drivers.

    Not sure if anyone will ever use this but everywhere i read about this everyone just gave up and installed windows 7



    Sometimes the touchpad multitouch, right clicks and tapping stop working. Right clicks can be fixed with applemou.exe. (keep reading)

    Can't change brightness - I just use the intel hd control panel with different color profiles to make the screen darker

    Intel HD only has 128mb ram -if anyone knows how to fix please let me know


    Windows xp sp3 cd - Don't bother trying with a usb you will get nowhere. (not sure if you need ahci drivers, the cd I used already had them)

    Windows 7/8 cd or usb

    How to do: (I used High Sierra)

    (skip this if you have win7/8 cd)First start your mac in recovery by holding command + R and go into terminal, then type "csrutil disable" then reboot normally

    Then follow this guide (skip modifying bootcamp if you have win7/8 cd) but during the first reboot hold down the option key until the boot manager shows up then, put the xp cd in and boot from it, now continue the xp installation and install to the bootcamp partition.

    insert an os x lion 10.7 cd or mount a lion ISO with magicdisc to install win7 32 bit drivers.


    (list was made for mba 2011, so on a 2012 u might be able to use other ones on the cd (thx hackerwayne)

    Since the touchpad sometimes loses the ability to right click, download this zip with the sound and wifi drivers along with a program that enables right clicking with control + click (hit command +r and type shell:startup, then put applemou.exe in the folder if you want it to start at boot

    now install bootcamp with os x snow leopard cd or iso

    some drivers may not installed so you can use snappy driver origin to get anything missing.


  3. I extracted the core folder from the firefox 53 installer and patched all .exe files with XomPie. You just have to install it and it adds xpatcher.cmd to the send to thingy when you right click and it only needs the kernel32 patch so you hit 1 and enter and then it just works. This won't patch any system files.

    XomPie: https://github.com/tumagonx/XomPie/releases

    Working Software:

    Firefox: https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/53.0.3/win32/ Extract, then patch all .exe files

    Sugar Sync: https://filehippo.com/download_sugarsync/3.9.5/ Install, then patch SugarSync.exe



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  4. On 8/2/2019 at 1:41 AM, ~♥Aiko♥Chan♥~ said:

    Windows Vista is literally the in between of Windows XP and 7; there are more modern features at the cost of less native backwards compatibility and higher system requirements.

    A couple examples are...
    -DirectX: Windows XP only supports 9 (unofficially a buggy 10), Vista officially supports 11. If your system needs newer things, use Vista over XP.
    -Web browsers: Windows Vista has a tendency to work with unsupported web browsers meant with 7 a bit more than XP. Although not much in practice. Qutebrowser is a notable example of working on Windows Vista 64-bit but not XP (forget which version, latest version doesn't seem to work...but I didn't install all Vista updates)

    There are a couple more conveniences Vista has that XP doesn't:
    -Built-in screen brightness adjuster
    -Sound mixer for individual programs

    Another random example of Vista working w/ Win 7 or later stuff that XP cannot do:
    -Resident Evil Remake works on Vista
    -Newer versions of Netframework work fine on Vista with some modifications

    Would I choose Vista over XP? Only if Windows XP is not stable with system drivers. Windows Vista has a tendency to more or less work with newer drivers than XP because its kernel is more similar to modern windows. I would advise Vista, if your system isn't super low-end.

    Actually, the Resident Evil remake does work on xp, not the official steam version, but some cracked versions do. (example: fitgirl repack) You could also play the gamecube or wii version.

  5. Weird, I think I mightve been searching through the wrong files, I have like 50 folders similar to this, but I think I tried the driver and had no success, I'll try again.


    EDIT: I've done it with the setup and manual way, they say theyre working in device manager and still work with aux but not the laptop speakers.

    I'm probably just gonna give up and install win7 x32

  6. Hello everyone, I have an HP G6 1c40ca with an amd cpu that doesn't officially support Windows XP. I have it dualbooted with xp x32 and 7 x64 and I have gotten every single driver to work except for my IDT sound out of my laptop speakers, but I am able to use headphones and speakers with aux.

    Hardware ids:


    compatible ids:


    device instance id:


    I have tried many, many drivers but on the support page you can download the sound driver for 7 and if you extract it you can see it has a vista and xp driver for both x32 and x64 but the inf files for xp never have my device, only very similar ids.


    so, does anyone know if I can somehow modify the driver to make it work properly?


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