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  1. Because I don't know what it means. I want add post-install apps or commands after The Installation completed like in the NTLite.
  2. Why no one is answering my question? I want just add post-install applications to Windows XP Setup.
  3. I don't know everyone in this board. Also please answer my question.
  4. Hi guys, I want to add some apps to Windows XP Setup for install Windows XP with apps. Is it possible? Please be honest.
  5. Hello, I want to change Windows XP Setup texts, but I can't find the file I need. Can you say it? Here is a example :
  6. Hi guys, I want to change Windows 2000 setup background. Is it possible ?
  7. Hello, when I try to create an unattended Windows NT 4 installation but Nlite doesn't accept Windows NT 4 Setup Files. Please make an update : Add Windows NT 4 Support. Thank You
  8. Thank you but Isn't there any constant download link ? I want to add LSI Logic SAS driver into Windows ME installation.
  9. Is there any program to create Unattended Windows 95/98/ME like nLite/NTLite/vLite ? (Except 98lite because I couldn't use it).
  10. Hi, Is it possible to change Windows 10 Setup Background. If possible, how ?
  11. Hi, I want to make an Windows 7 Multi language ISO file but I don't know how to do it. Can you tell me tutorial ?
  12. Just I want a unattended setup program for Windows Longhorn Betas. Is it too hard for understanding ? Also you're saying "No one is using Windows Longhorn", But I sometimes use it in a virtual machine.
  13. Why are you swearing ? I'm serious and maybe I'm a nostalgia lover.
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