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  1. Feature requests

    Sent. I don't really know how Windows handles decoration, but it should be handled the same way as Reflection. Not adding it to the window itself as an image, but rendering it to the coordinates of the window. I'm implementing Aero in a Linux desktop environment and that's how I do it too. Is this possible on Windows? Here is a WIP image btw:
  2. Feature requests

    As far as I can tell Aero had the following elements to it: Blur Reflection Shine Blur and Reflection is already implemented very well, but the Shine effect is missing. Do you see the triangular bright regions in the top corners? That's the shine. The original active and inactive window shine PNGs can be extracted from the Windows 7 theme with a tool. Could you please add this, maybe optional like the reflection?
  3. Blur effect source

    Windows 10 is at halfway moving to fluent design. Some elements have nice acrylic material and other elements still have the old vista style blur. What I'm asking is the blur effect that is controlled with the marked slider on the image in the attachment. So this is a third kind of blur then? Not implemented by Microsoft, but uses a completely custom blur shader?
  4. Is the blur effect provided by Windows or do you use your own shaders?