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  1. Hello, MSFN!

    Finally, I am here officially. I have been using this forum (via google) to search for info about patches and and things related to Windows 98 SE that are recent. I am fed up with forced updates and with bloatware and with the need to have 4 Gb of RAM just to load an OS and the computer to be slow. I am aware that some updates are necesary, but only the ones I CHOSE to install and if I need them. So the unofficial updates made by the guys here are more than welcomed. I truly apreciate the efforts and dedication of you guys to keep this great old OS alive even today, in 2018 (20 years after its release) I really want windows 98 SE installed on my computers instead of windows XP or 7 (though XP is good, but 98 is smaller and faster and does not consume resources. All I ask from Windows 98 SE is NOT BSODs and NO stupid "illegal operation" bul*****. Otherwise, Windows 98 SE is the best OS besides some Linux distros, that I am to use alongside with win98 SE. I have finally decided to join this forum to make sure I don' tmiss any new info and cool things done to and about windows 98. I thank you all who worked to make this OS work in 2018 on more modern hardware and made it safer to use and more stable. And I am looking forward for a day when I can make a donation to this forum.