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  1. Update on the DbgUiRemoteBreakin: Installed the new SSD. Tried several attempts to configure each fresh Windows install. (Avoiding the malfunctioning USB, avoiding the USB port on the same USB controller as the malfunctioning USB port. Using an external USB hub on a known working USB port.) All had the same outcome as before; The PnP svchost process was “polling” all SATA and USB drives on the system, every second. Completely unacceptable with the new SSD. What became apparent was the root of why the polling stared in the first place, the newest Intel chipset driver. The stock chipset drivers that shipped with Windows 7 did not cause any issues with the PnP subsystem. It was only after the installation of the newest drivers (2011) that the “polling” issue arose. Chipset used in the laptop: ICH9 Drivers attempted to be installed: AHCI_Intel_9.6.2.1001_Win7x86x64 Without these updated drivers installed the system is behaving very well and “polling” of USB and SATA drives is non-existant. This still does not explain what DbgUiRemoteBreakin is. However, it seems that it is not something trying to “break in to the UI”. TL;DR: If you are getting odd PnP issues; stick with the stock Microsoft chipset drivers.
  2. I suspect these runaway threads started when I attempted to use the malfunctioning USB port. I'm currenrly waiting on a SanDisk SSD warranty replacement in the mail. I will install the SSD, do a clean format and make sure to not use that USB port. Fingers crossed.
  3. Indeed there is a problem with one of the USB ports on that machine. All svchost instances have multiple ntdll.dll!DbgUiRemoteBreakin+0x50 threads running. Is there a way to stop these threads from starting?
  4. It's tied to Plug and Play, which I've disabled, but having no sound and no USB did not work out for me.
  5. Windows 7 Home Premium machine with a fresh install a week ago. 2 days ago there was HDD LED activity happening every second with no programs running. Through ProcMon and ProcExplorer I found an svchost.exe instance (DcomLaunch RegQueryValue 53f56307-b6bf-11d0-94f2-00a0c91efb8b) that had ntdll.dll using several ntdll.dll!DbgUiRemoteBreakin+0x50 thread(s). One of these ntdll.dll!DbgUiRemoteBreakin+0x50 threads in particular was using alot of cycles. What exactly is going on with ntdll.dll!DbgUiRemoteBreakin+0x50? How can it been diagnosed/disabled with in Windows 7 Home Premium?