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  1. 7 hours ago, joeberardis said:

    You have to make sure that it is ran as administrator, didn't see you mentioned that you did so that could be the problem. Also you might just want to uninstall Aeroglass completely and clean your registry of any leftovers and repeat this installation, to make sure old reg entries aren't affecting the new install.

    So i got it to work, but it shows a dwm.exe prompt and doesn't go away, is it supposed to permanently stay open?

  2. On 10/31/2017 at 9:25 AM, joeberardis said:

    I wanted to update my progress with this issue so far.

    So I had made a donation and got access to the experimental build I had uninstalled Aero Glass completely and then reinstalled manually by downloading the zip for the experimental .dll and replacing the current dll in the winrs_x64 folder that I downloaded from here -> www.glass8.eu/files/winrs_x64_1.5.6.7z

    I then took this folder renamed it as AeroGlass and put it in my C:\
    I setup the schedule.bat as provided here -> http://www.glass8.eu/out/schedule.bat

    Then I ran the schedule.bat as an administrator.

    AeroGlass now works flawlessly on windows 10 1709 and is still compatible with the current version of AeroGlassGUI. I was able to edit all of the parameters for the windows using the GUI.

    Whatever BM did with the experimental build it was definitely the correct fix for getting the 1703 version of aeroglass working on the new 1709 update.

    If there is any diagnostics or debugging information that I can provide please let me know!

    Looking forward to getting the official release!



    So i copied the text and made the schedule.bat, but it doesn't work for me, any solution or am i doing something wrong?

  3. 19 hours ago, foe said:

    So I upgraded to 1709 with 1.5.6 installed and it warned me with a dwm.exe prompt that Aero Glass wasn't supported for this version of Windows. It offered "Retry" or "Cancel". Figuring I'd be safe and press "Cancel" it then opened dwm.exe in cmd and showed it making several successful attempts to talk to the local dwm server. I waited several moments after it had finished scrolling the messages and then closed the cmd window.

    Well I don't know what it did but everything is working fine. xD

    That's awesome you got it to work, i tried what you said with no luck! :(

    Maybe a fresh install will help. Anyways if you got to work maybe that means it's an easy fix and there will be a new version soon.

  4. So AeroGlass is confirmed to not work with the Windows 10 1709 update? d*** i've been having nothing but non-stop bsods since the October updates and 1709 is supposed to fix it. So i guess i have to choose between random bsods and AeroGlass or no AeroGlass and hopefully no more bsods.... :(

    Why does every big update always break AeroGlass!?

    Thanks @bigmuscle for continuing to support AeroGlass hope to see a new release soon, but i get it, it takes time.

  5. On 9/6/2017 at 11:47 AM, Aethelflaed said:

    Try generating a new key, especially if you changed the OS or your hardware. The key is machine-specific.

    Just re-downloaded the key and restarted the computer and it no longer shows, don't know what was wrong with the original key they both have the same machine id. 

    Sometimes the minimize, maximize and close buttons disappear in windows explorer, photos app or even on edge. Is anybody else experience this or might know how to fix it?

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