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  1. On 3/9/2017 at 8:56 AM, drfsite said:

    I tried that per the suggestion of someone here, it worked for about a day or two and went right back to the same problem.

    However, the actual effect was interesting - the Explorer windows I had open prior to the customization breaking would continue to look fine, but any NEW windows I opened after that point were broken.  Task-killing the new ones didn't help, I had to kill ALL explorer processes to fix it.  So it was easier to just switch it back to non-separate processes so there's only one instance to kill and reopen.

    Exactly same for me.

  2. 10 hours ago, drfsite said:

    That's the exact problem I'm having and it's never been fixed with any updates of ONE.  Been happening for over a year, with RTM/1511/1607 all the same.  Really annoying!

    Plugging and unplugging removable drives seems to cause the grouping screwup for me, and I have to restart all Explorer instances to fix it.

    For me it happens even without connecting any removable drive. Just after a little browsing in folders, details pane suddenly disappears along with group titles.

  3. I'm using this program more than a year since version 1.1.7 on windows 10 enterprise x64 and since the first day I have an annoying problem. And that is the details pane suddenly disappears until I restart explorer.exe from task manager. Even the most recent version ( didn't fix the issue and it happens again. also after disappearing details pane, the hard drive grouping titles disappear too and just the numbers remain.


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