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  1. 1 hour ago, NoelC said:

    You'd think that setting a compatibility option in Explorer should have accomplished the same thing...

    I just tried it and the caption buttons still look like crap.

    Edit:  Changing the about:config setting browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar seems to have corrected that.  Now if I can find a way to show no tabs at all...  I happen to like windows.



    I tried it and it fixed it!

  2. Thanks on your hard work!

    Three things I've seen on the current version 1.5.2 that are not as they need to be.

    1. The Aeroglass is not affecting FireFox like you can see in that picture (Image)

    2. The experimental DWMGlass with the modern app, have a problem with right to left languages. it Causes the upper window buttons, to move from the left to the right and to cover the arrow that take you back. (Image)

    3. the side glass is not the same as the upper one (Image)

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