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  1. Thanks very much! This solution seems to be working.

    I realized the former solution being rather for Windows 7, but as everything is there in Windows 8.1, too, I thought it should work the same way. I only thought it´s strange that I´m not able to make any modifications in the DCOM-configuration even using the administrator account.


    If you dont wanna mess up with RegEdit there is the proper way to modify that RunAs field

    from your Administrator user open the Run.. window and write dcomcnfg.exe and press enter. The Component Services window will open (same from Administrator Tools).

    From Component Services - > Computer - > Local Computer - > Config DCOM select Elevated-Unelevated Explorer Factory, right click and select Properties

    Select Identity Pane, you will see first option selected (Interactive User), select the second option (i have italian windows 7 i dont know what the english translate the second option to).


    I tried this method on Windows 8.1 (from the activated Administrator account), but all the options are grayed out so I can´t choose this second option. What am I doing wrong?

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