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  1. Hello!

    Today, I am in search of a software utility. Kinda like ccleaner's wipe free space option.

    I am in search of software that will delete the Windows thumbnail cache, wipe the free space, and delete any other potential privacy-invasive items.

    Any recommendations are highly appreciated!

  2. Hello MSFN,

    A year ago, I opened up a topic concerning the matter but found it locked for unknown reasons.

    I believe I have collected the majority of system drivers for this system. Unfortunately, I do not have a physical system. Is anyone here willing to test how these drivers fare on a Windows XP system? I have collected all essential drivers, minus audio (couldn't find one).

    Finding this took me a lot of searching (looking into the series, using Dibya's old topic, internet archive, etc.)

    All files should be fine, but I am kinda skeptical of the audio. Apparently, it is modified to run on Windows XP and is done by driverpack solution. I do not think it is malware considering I used them a lot back in 2015.

    Note: requires .NET framework 3.5!


  3. Hello,

    I am attempting to seek modern web browsers that use the least amount of system resources in general, and want to compile a list for such. PCs with only 1 or 2 gigabytes of ram still exist out there, and it's probably a good idea to provide resources.

    A couple web browser examples (albeit dated) are Opera 12.18, Maxthon Nitro, and Qtweb. More modern examples are Firefox Lite, qutebrowser, Midori, Falkon, K-Meleon, Otter Browser, Opera GX, and Roytam1's Firefox 45 no SSE version, UR Browser, SlimBrowser, Ungoogled Chrome, Rocket Browser?, Avant Browser???, FlameSky, SharpBrowser, Lunescape???. I've found that XP backports of web browsers appear to be slower than regular Chrome? I've found the Kafan to be a bit sluggish and use a lot more ram on a Intel Core Duo 2 PC compared to my Pentium M w/ Windows 7 and the latest version of official chrome.

    I've heard Chromium is faster than Google Chrome because a lot of features in Google Chrome are removed. If there are custom branches, I would love to know and compare their speeds! I've heard slimjet might be faster than Chrome? Even branches of Firefox and Chrome and prove to be far more faster and optimizing of system resources.

    I seek software of all types that are lightweight: video editors, screen recorders (like CamStudio), screen capture (nothing beats faststone screen capture 5.3), media players (I've seen nothing beat MPC-HC), 

  4. 13 minutes ago, RainyShadow said:

    If you can output composite video, many old TV tuners had video input and could act as capture cards.


    Or use a fast HDD/SSD and a software solution with fastest/disabled compression.

    I am very new to this...I haven't used a DVD player, VCR, or any of these things in a very long time.

    In theory, would performance be bad with recording if I used an I7 PC from 2015? The capture cards I've found so far claim to do 720 or 1080p.

  5. 1 hour ago, Gansangriff said:

    Maybe another device has to do the screen recording for you than your old Windows 98 computer. I did this once through plugging the Composite video output of my normal graphics card (ATI Rage something...) to my VHS player. And so the computer screen appeared in the television, ready to be recorded on tape. Probably you could set up a newer computer, being equipped with a good grahpics card that can recieve signals, recording the screen output for you.

    At least I can say that working VGA-to-HDMI adapters do exist, so if the signal should arrive at your recieving machine.

    Any good converter (preferably cheaper) recommendations are appreciated! I wouldn't have any issue using a newer PC to record the older one.

    Furthermore, would a VGA splitter work? My Pentium 4 PC's only video card is a single VGA port, so I will have to use a splitter to duplicate the screen. I'm just not sure if the capture card would still work or not.

  6. I've been posting a lot today...

    For testing video games on a potato PC, I must install Windows 7 or later to access steam, origin, and other modern video game clients.

    The problem is my PC is not working with a Windows 7 or 10 bootable usb flash drive. I tried to boot from the flash drive, but my monitor then gives me a "no signal" screen, then loops back to the regular boot screen.

    This PC is very dated and has about 768MB of ram, a Pentium 4 HT. However, Windows XP claims it has DirectX 9. Video card is a FX5100.

    Any ideas to get Windows 7 on this PC would be very appreciated!

    System Manufacturer: HP Pavilion 061
    System Model: D7222Z-ABA A550Y
    BIOS: BIOS Date: 03/19/04 13:28:07 Ver: 08.00.09

    EDIT1: I tried to have the USB installation formatted as FAT32...it did not work.

    EDIT2: Changing boot order did not fix anything.

    EDIT3: Searching around more, I figured out that I need a bios update in order to run Windows 7...my issue here is the official HP website removed support for this model and archive.org is missing the drivers...

    EDIT4: Found a copy of the BIOS here, however I know it will not be effective because it is the current version my desktop uses.

    EDIT6: Got access to HP's FTP...it is very confusing to navigate.

    EDIT5: Searched driverguide, drivercollection, HP's ftp won't let me access it, and xp-drivers did not provide me any luck...

    Worked! Had the oddest twist: just startup Windows 7 Starter Edition in Windows XP and upgrade from there!

  7. Hello!

    I plan on installing Windows 7 or 8.1 on a hp pavilion a550y. My specs are very very old (Pentium 4) and the PC has about 768 MB of ram in total.

    Where can I start for optimizing Windows? In order to use this OS for testing video games (a lot require steam and/or origin), I must figure out how I can get the idle time alone to be low. I tried installing a vanilla Windows 10 on the machine, but the official Microsoft installer just did not work when I plugged my flash drive into the machine.

    I would use Windows XP, but I can't because it's incompatible with a lot of modern applications.

    All tips and where to start is appreciated!

  8. Hello MSFN,

    Today I am in search of a video capture card for my HP Pavilion a550y desktop and Dell Latitude D600 laptop. I need to find something that holds compatibility with Windows 9x and 2000. I am quite a newbie to this.

    Normally, I would just use a screen recorder but doing so is pretty much impossible at a good quality on ancient hardware. I cannot record full screen, and if I do, I will severely lower the frames per second while testing game applications.

    Alternatively, would it work in theory to plug in a VGA converter to a modern HDMI capture card?

    If the oldest that can be found is a Windows XP capture card, then that's fine.

    Please tell me your recommendations!

  9. On 11/6/2021 at 3:04 AM, LowLander said:

    Another working link to download Opera 12.18 and other browsers...Thanks to Viktor Kisel



    I am interested in this version of Opera but I am a bit confused.

    1) How do we implement the certificates? I am unable to read the notepad file.

    2) Is it possible to change the language back to English?

    Thank you!

  10. 20 hours ago, schwups said:

    Just now I could download FreeMemory 2.0. So the ClassicAddonsArchive has a new hosting. The timer of the addon works on MyPal. I've set the timer to 5 minutes. A small pause occurs every 5 minutes for a few seconds.

    The addon Memory optimizer hasn't worked.


    Now online again:  https://web.archive.org/web/20210815103613/https://github.com/Feodor2/:cool:

    IceCat 52 and Iceweasel 53:

    Required to start IceCat 52.3 is "user_pref("browser.tabs.remote.autostart.2", false);" in the prefs.js. It seems to be running quite stable. I've no idea to run IceWeasel 53. I get the "old" message "couldn't load XPCOM", although it appears to run smoothly on XP. Older IceWeasel 52.0.3 is OK.


    May you link us to the working later firefox browsers? I tried a youtube tutorial to use Firefox 45 (No SSE2 Edition), but things don't seem to work for me.

    Firefox 31.8 ESR works wonderfully. But, flash player crashes.

    Also, I feel we are getting closer to running Slimboat on Windows 9x. Jumper's additions to KernelEx have gotten the browser closer to working, but it isn't quite there yet. The browser complains of DBGHELP.dll being too old. Placing in a newer file didn't prevent it from crashing. The browser does claim to generate a crash log, but I have not yet checked yet if it actually does. This could become the first Chromium browser to work on Windows 9x.

  11. Hello MSFN,

    I am wondering if an AIO pack exists to install more languages, fonts and emojis onto a Windows 2000 system. I find it a bit annoying when I attempt to view foreign languages on Windows 2000 or modern social media like discord.

    If such a pack exists, please let me know.

    Thank you!

  12. Thank you all! This is very helpful!

    During my attempts, I've tried putting many screen resolutions on, but doing so had only given me the unsupported video error. So far, the lowest resolution available (didn't allow 640 x 480, only the common one above that one) and another resolution worked...but I may need to check that again because booting the PC gave me another unsupported video signal error.

    The VGA works at all resolutions on a smaller Dell monitor of mine, but I am hoping to use this giant TV and not have to constantly switch them. The TV is very heavy...

    For the refresh rate of the monitor, I do not have any option to change it, I think.

  13. Hello,

    I recently picked up a free 2007 Toshiba 720p TV at a garage, and it's worked wonderfully with an intel core duo 2 PC to HDMI stream videos on Windows XP with a Chinese chromium 86 web browser.

    Now, I am having issues with its VGA port. I've been trying to use an old Pentium 4 PC I obtained a while back on it, but the thing is saying VGA isn't supported. Once Windows XP goes past the boot screen, the video is completely unsupported.

    The model of my television is 32HL67U, but I don't seem to find anything about it when I google. The PC works at minimum resolution (mode is 3:4), but does anyone know if there's a specific max resolution?

    Thank you!

  14. Whichever builds aren't from 2015-2017. Windows 10 literally broke almost a dozen times for me on the PC it was included on. When I used it on my Thinkpad R60 at one point, it broke one day with no way to repair itself. Didn't make a difference installing on a Dell Latitude e4310 compared to Windows 7, except java crashed for no reason using Windows 10.

    The later versions are far more stable (just like Windows Vista).

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  15. On 3/21/2021 at 5:46 AM, PROBLEMCHYLD said:

    FantasyAcquiesce is the reason I released it. You guys should really thank him.

    It wasn't anything.

    PROBLEMCHYLD, I respect you well. You are a man of God and you've done a lot of community work for us all (protocol fix, Windows 98 Service Pack, and even modifying a driver for me). I appreciate your hard work. Nothing will change that.

  16. Even if I cannot use Windows XP for modern activities (websites that require the newest browser), I'm definitely never getting rid of XP. It's a great OS and isn't overly bloated like Windows 10. So, I'll be sure XP stays on the older machines with Linux, and Windows 10 can stay on the hardware XP isn't compatible with.

    Not completely XP-related, but I'm annoyed how much Microsoft has bloated Office 365 and Visual Studio. Both have become stupidly slow for simple tasks on a i5 haswell PC from 2015.

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