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  1. can the Vista behavior of the favorites/quick access (seperated from the rest, always on top of the list) be implemented in here, it's one of the best things that should have stayed from Vista.


    I second this request. I can't bear the new Quick Access since it doesn't allow us to rename nor change in any way the pinned items without changing the items themselves (which programs with specific paths don't like at all). Regarding the update it is working great now, no problems whatsoever.


    1.1.7 works great now. One thing though, there's a blue highlight behind the left hand side links on the Control Panel and whatnot. Any ideas on what causes this?

    (I think this was present in previous versions too)




    I don't have this problem, maybe you applied a theme or something that would affect that. But it is indeed very strange. What build is that? Is it the RTM or any of the Insider builds? Also have you tried disabling ONE and seeing whether the problem persists?

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