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  1. I'm not sure if by "Home Users" you mean the Home Premium install or the typical Windows 7 user (most of which are using Professional). If the former, it's not aimed exactly at that installation - my source media for testing the install is a Professional install. The only computers (and users) I have access to are not typical, as I don't know anyone who uses anything but Professional installations. That being said, I haven't aimed the list at anyone in particular, I just tried to compile a list of updates from Windows Update and then add them to the update list so that it would be more complete. In all I added about 30 updates (April, May, and some from June 2 that appeared when I went to double-check the list yesterday). I read most of each article on the Windows Support pages, I didn't notice any updates that mentioned applying only to Professional.


    I guess the tl;dr version, is no, it's not aimed at anyone. If it's aimed at being anything, it's a comprehensive list of Windows 7 x64 updates. If anyone can point out any updates that should be in a different category (i.e., only apply to Professional) or any updates I missed, list their KB######### and what I could do different with it and I'll try to change it.

  2. I've made an editted version of the Windows 7 x64 update list available from http://www.windowsupdatesdownloader.com/UpdateLists.aspx. I slipstreamed those updates into a Service Pack 1 installer, and then added what Windows Update deemed missing. I was not able to add all of the updates, some required downloading through Windows Update (mostly stuff for the Windows 10 upgrade). I also restructured the list to better differentiate what some of the updates were for. I made IE updates a separate category since I have to remove IE8 from my installer and add the IE 11 installer in NTLite. I added a category for the updates that involve Windows 10 upgrades, since I know some people want to keep those off their computer.


    I did all of this by hand, so there may be a few copy/paste errors. I tried to double-check everything, but no promises. It's probably not perfect, and I haven't been able to download and slipstream the updates yet. I don't know that I will have time to work on this for the rest of this week, so I have decided to upload this as is. It at least has most of the new updates added in the last few months since Steven4554 last posted. I've attached it to this post, feel free to critique/comment on anything that's missing or could be improved.


    This is only an x64 update list, I cannot do this for x86 as I cannot validate using the same amount of time on x86 as I did for this since we do not use x86 installs where I work.


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