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  1. Hi,


    I would also be interested in finding out what the exact sequence to get the wifi working. I've tried to follow the first few posts to make adjustments to my WinPE5 to get the wifi working.


    I'm using a Lenovo Thinkpad 10 tablet. I've added the GPIO chipset drivers and the SDIO Wireless drivers using dism so the wireless adapater at least shows up if you do a netcfg -s n


    I've added the dot3svc and used some of the reg entries to get the wlansvc service installed. (I think). I have the relevant lines in au3 format if required.


    I also had to add ndisuio service via registry as dot3svc seemed to have this as a dependancy but it wasn't showing in the controlset001\services and wouldn't work until it was added.


    wlansvc seems to require nativewifip as a service but adding this via reg entries and using net start would complain of a lack of signatures so I removed the nativewifip dependancy and used the netcfg lines to run up ms_nativewifip and ms_vwifi instead as per above posts.


    When trying to net start wlansvc I get a System error 127 which shows up as "The specified procedure could not be found" which is where I am now stuck.


    I'm trying to get to the point where I can at least pull out the mac address of the wireless adapter using wmi but while I can pull out a usb connected network adapter that I plugged in I can't with the wireless adapter.


    Any help would be extremely helpful and appreciated.

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