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  1. gora has done a nice job keeping the program alive, updating the code a bit (with update checking and stuff) and he also updates the \bin & \lang files

    I have a updated/repacked installer with gora updates, I know this is not what you are asking for but just install it, then zip the files for a somewhat portable app


    Thank you!

    There is another way, from HERE downloading old standalone version in .exe - extansion v1.0 ...and unpack RAR version - v1.61 - but it's still stupid.

  2. Was I not clear? It ain't gonna happen! Do it yourself and don't complain "why should I do it"! I SAID the Author is NOT MAKING ANY UPDATES!!!! PERIOD!

    You may as well complain to Nuhi to Update nLite or vLite but... IT WON'T HAPPEN! (sheesh!)

    (BTW, the link you gave IS THE AUTHOR'S WEBSITE!!! See anything new?)

    1. nLite is not an archiver so your example is not correct.

    2. As I wrote before, I've already made it SFX with WinRAR, but it's stupid to use one archiver to make another archiver/extractor SFX, isn't it?

    3. It's stupid to exist Portable Archiver in RAR-extansion, because ppl use portable archiver when they don't have any!!! So how to unpack this RAR? With another archiver?

    So, close this thread, cause you are too stupid to arguee with you!

  3. That's not the point!

    I know how to make it SFX and I've already made it with WinRAR.

    Also I can with HaoZip, 7-zip, etc.

    BUT, if I have to make it with another archiver, so why I should use Universal Extractor?

    People need Portable Archiver when they don't have any! And when they don't have any, they can't unpack RAR-archives.

    Why I should converted by my self from RAR to EXE ...and keep it in 4shared or e-mail acc? I think it's easier to download it from official site.

    And as far as I can see, SFX-exe for OLD portable versions of Universal Extractor exist - HERE.

    So it's not something new.

  4. Hi, I am new here! :)

    I would ask you ...is it possible to make SFX (SelF eXtract) version of Portable Universal Extractor, to be easy for thouse people who don't have any Archiver on their PCs?

    Because, it's a little bit difficult to unRAR Binary Archive of Universal Extractor on another PC (e.g. if it's not my computer), without installing an archiver or I should use 7-zip Portable?

    Sorry for my poor english!

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