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  1. which programs use for Reduce the volume of the cylinder

    because my DVD size 5 GB

    My DVD Include the following

    1-win xp pro silent

    2-win xp Normal

    3-linux knoppix

    4-linux dsl


    6-boot cd

    however, how to compress my dvd I was mkisofs but seam size 5GB

    Second question which speed burn dvd best

  2. you mean no problem if set primary partition on xp and windows 7

    just set logical partition for share file


    can give me over explain about this topic or any toturils talk about partition primary and logical becuase I wanna installs xp and win7 and linux I don't know what frist setup os

  3. hello

    Question on the subject of the division of hard disk I have already install win xp on hard disk and this active and set primary partisan

    now I wanna install win 7 i'm put partisan size 70GB NTFS primary or set partisan Logical

    I mean

    1-win xP already install

    NTFS 70GB,active,primary

    2-win 7

    NTFS 70GB primary Or put logical

    Divide the hard disk

    right or wrong

  4. thanx

    my account on OS xp owner administrator and I'm try install this applications use run as seam problem

    the problem seam many file have build self use winrar before

    now if try click seam message error

    look seam this applictions LPInstaller.exe

    if i try open show me this message


  5. thank you my brother

    I have 3 serial mouse that work another computer but my computer not working

    i'm not test USB mouse because my computer new 2 month I don't know what happen ?


    I will put cd's minepe live cd if the mouse work that problem from soft if not work the problem form hardware

  6. seam me problem

    this info about my flash usb plz help me or give me some tool for format this usb and fix problem

    Name: DataTravelerMini (USB2.0)

    Logic Driver: E:\

    VID&PID: Vid_0951&Pid_1602

    Speed: high speed

    VendorID: Kingston

    ProductID: DataTravelerMini

    Product Revision: PMAP

    Vendor Description: Kingston

    Product Description: DataTravelerMini

    Serial Number: 5B6C16000391

  7. Unfortunately, the lack of clarity

    I have a code required a user name and password

    At the time of writing the password box I want to hide or show when writing in the form of Stars

    look this code batch

    @echo off

    start /wait %comspec% /v:on /c "mode 40,10 & title Login Window & color 1e & echo. & set /p name=Enter Name: & set /p pswd=Enter password: & cls & echo name=!name!>login.txt & echo pswd=!pswd!>>login.txt & exit"

    for /f "tokens=1* delims==" %%i in (login.txt) do (

    if %%i==name set name=%%j

    if %%i==pswd set pswd=%%j


    echo Name is %name%

    echo Password is %pswd%

    save this on cmd and tes if run will show box say enter user and pass

    now I wanna know how can hide this pass if I type on cmd or Encrypted like star

  8. hello everybody here :rolleyes:

    I wanna ask any body here if test install programs xplode from cdroom not copy on HD

    just windows finsh install start xplode install program from cdroom without copy folder program To HD

    i'm test many much method but not succ look this map

    -XP3SF-EN   ----this folder windows



    inside CMDLINES.TXT



    and XPLODE.XML


    <item display="hhh">


    - <item display="Installation Windows MediaPlayer v11">

    - <execute display="Installing Windows MediaPlayer v11...">







    and PROG.CMD

    @echo off

    FOR %%i IN (D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO IF EXIST %%i:\CD.txt SET CDROM=%%i:

    start /wait %CDROM%\XP3SF-EN\INSTALL\XPLODE\XPLODE.EXE /log:"C:\XPlode.log" /console





    put this PROG.CMD on folder


    any Idea?

  9. I need file image for ERD Commander 2007

    I'm test mulit-boot minpe and ERD Commander 2005 use "menu:" CDshell is very good work

    but ERD Commander 2007 not work

    he say "NTLDR is corrupt. The system cannot boot"

    I use like this method

    1-make folder name "ERD"

    2-Editing "setupldr.bin"

    change to ERD after save

    3-download file ERD1.dat

    like up change to folder name ERD

    4- put "menu:" in cdshell.ini

    if $lastKey == key[3]; then chain /Images/ERD1.DAT


    I'm using this method with erd commander 2005 is work

    but erd commander 2007 not work ERD1.dat

    I so think problem with file image

    anybody help me this problem

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