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  1. ;SetupMgrTag








    Profiles = WindowsFirewall.TurnOffFirewall

    Mode = 0

    CustomDefaultThemeFile="%Systemroot%\Resources\Themes\System 4a.theme"



  2. There seems to be a problem with my hardware or the type of Windows that I use when I try to use an unattended install. I have both a working, real XP key and the OEM versions of Windows XP Professional. When I use my original Windows CD that is the Gold version or the one I slipstreamed myself with SP2 it ALWAYS will install correctly. When I try the Windows XP Professional OEM version that also has SP2 slipstreamed it does not work. I will get a BSOD on the reboot after formatting and copying files over. The BSOD contains a stop about removing any new hard drives or hard drive controllers.

    I am currently using a..

    ABIT NF7-s Rev2.0

    Maxtor 80 gig DiamondMax9 SATA

    512MB PC3200 RAM Geil

    I'm really not sure why it stops... I've been messing around with the BIOS settings and my hard drive. Could it be that the drivers on CD are corrupt or broken? I've tried this with two different XP Pro OEM versions and they have come to the same result.

  3. can you give a link for the program please?

    Stop being lazy and do a search in google for the program.

    @Maverick - I also use metapad instead of notepad and I found it much easier to replace metapad during installation itself rather than do all the crap by replacing it all over the place. Rename metapad.exe to notepad.exe, then do a makecab notepad.exe, then use modifype on notepad.exe and finally replace the original notepad.ex_ with the modified metapad/notepad in the I386 folder.

    wouldn't you first use modifyPE and then cab it?

  4. paste the code into notepad and save as -----.sfx?

    @skybl4ck sorry but i can't add a how-to-rar-sfx with every guide.

    i thought the instructions were clear enough, just add the files to a rar, then mark make exe file and in the comments tab add the comment between tags.

    thanks :) i was just confused about where to put the comment :lol:

  5. How would I add this...  to the RAR-SFX file? Would I just right-click properties > summary > comments and paste it in there? Sorry, I'm a n00b  :hello:

    Simon's first post has the entire tutorial.

    when he says make a SFX file thats where i'm confused

    paste the code into notepad and save as -----.sfx?

  6. Thanks for the info :) Really is helping me out, but I just have a question. How would I add this...

    Title=Nero Ahead Software AG

    to the RAR-SFX file? Would I just right-click properties > summary > comments and paste it in there? Sorry, I'm a n00b :hello:

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