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  1. Put your command line into LaunchApps. The top-level object [LaunchApp] is only for setting environment variables. Since you did not specify an AppPath in LaunchApp, it was ignored.

    I added it but it reply error: Failed to launch application (null) 0x80070002.

  2. I want to integrated MsDaRT 8.1 into boot.wim in windows 8.1 installation media. I modified winpeshl.ini such as

    %SYSTEMDRIVE%\"Program Files\Apoint2K\Apoint.exe"

    But Apoint.exe cannot run. winpeshl.log is

    2013-12-12 14:14:07.968, Info Windows PE Shell beginning execution

    2013-12-12 14:14:07.999, Info Beginning PNP initialization.

    2013-12-12 14:14:07.999, Info Succeeded launching application X:\windows\system32\WallpaperHost.exe [command line: X:\windows\system32\WallpaperHost.exe]

    2013-12-12 14:14:07.999, Info Winpeshl.ini detected.

    2013-12-12 14:14:07.999, Info [LaunchApps]: Launching [%windir%\system32\netstart.exe] with argument(s) [-prompt]

    2013-12-12 14:14:08.046, Info Succeeded launching application (null) [command line: X:\windows\system32\netstart.exe -prompt]

    2013-12-12 14:14:09.655, Info PNP initialization succeeded.

    2013-12-12 14:14:09.655, Info PNP Initialization thread terminating.

    2013-12-12 14:14:10.452, Info [LaunchApps]: Launching [%SYSTEMDRIVE%\setup.exe]

    2013-12-12 14:14:10.452, Info Succeeded launching application (null) [command line: X:\setup.exe]

    Who can help me to run Apoint.exe. I try to run it from commandline on winpe, it run successfully.

    Sorry for my poor English. Thanks for read.

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