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  1. I run oembios.exe in dos prompt window and it showed me nothing went back to the prompt. All computer has is the f10 command startup self made hp system restore disk and hard drive hp system restore partition for restore. Restores the computer to original install or partial. I not referring to the usual windows backup restore point date restore. The oobeinfo.ini shows a different product key then windows properties and the coa label is different also.

    Like I said before I run oembios.exe in dos prompt window and it showed me nothing went back quickly to the prompt. I replace the Hewlett Packard motherboard with the same hp number hp5187-4913. I am able to run f10 restore the start of it but I don't want to experiment, not wanting to go to the software beginning or change what i presently have. The computer is working good I just want the available restore when computer crashes or dead hard drive. On my Medion computer it showed the slp crc number for that computer. 911medic what is .vbs ? What is needed if anything? :unsure:

    Here is a scanner for those that install from single disks because they can't figure out how to produce a multi disk or are troubleshooting why their multi disks won't preactivate. It scans the BIOS and reports which OEMBIOS.CAT CRC's are expected to preactivate. It is a DOS program so you can identify what to install before installing.

    Version 1.0/148/56 1/15/2007 (86 downloads)

    Version 1.0/156/59 3/15/2007 (9 downloads)

    Version 1.0/158/60 4/1/2007 (105 downloads)

    Version 1.0/168/66 8/23/2007 (501 downloads)

    Version 1.1/249/99 10/4/2009 (105 downloads)

    Version 1.1/273/106 1/23/2010 (3 downloads, this version is perfectly acceptable but includes 4 unnecessary Evesham table entries)

    Version 1.1/269/106 1/23/2010

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