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  1. This is a well known error when your shell32.dll surpases a limitation of @ 20 megs in size.

    I would carefully go over your file and remove all resources that are too big to save space.

    Remember 128x128 and larger icons are compleltly useless in xp without other hacks to enable them.

    Thanks buddy ! It is really helpful. Probs over. Thanks Again.

  2. Hello to all my forum member!

    I have made an unattended XP(SP2) successfully. With custom shell32.dll

    Friend i'm making an unattended XP(SP3). When i'm testing the image, it giving an error massage related to shell32.dll(custom). I have changed my dll with new custom one. But nothing happen, problem still occurring.

    You ppl know how difficult to make a shell32.dll. I made that twice.


    This is the Picture.

    Please help me out .

    Thank u

  3. Hello to all i'm going to build a gaming pc. budget up to 25000/- (INR). Please give your opinion , what would b the configuration.

    My criteria is--1. Graphics Card memory must be 2 gb, should contain 2 GPU.

    2. Ram 4 gb.

    Please Give your configuration according to criteria.

    Thank U

  4. One of that best cutomized edition is "XP Limited Edition Build 9.0".

    Please define "cutomized" :unsure:

    I have the doubt that "customized" is in this case a synonym of "unauthorized redistribution of modified copies" :ph34r:


    Ok My friend. i got your point.

    1. I made that copy only for myself.

    2. I have't uploaded that(only screenshoot that i uploaded).

    3. I used only my product key in "winnt.sif" file.

    4. I did't added any activation file or creak.

    5. I have added my more thinngs without violating of the copy right.

    I think you got your answer.if you not pls mention that. And one request my frind, don't redirect the topic. If u have the answer of the main topic, pls do answer.

    Pijush Gupta.


  5. Hello to all i'm Pijush Gupta. i have customize XP, many times. One of that best cutomized edition is "XP Limited Edition Build 9.0". Now i just jumped to window 7 section. I'm(not only me, lots of new member also)looking for step by step guide to customize windows 7 setup screen.and how to modify shell32.dll in win7, not xp one. Thnks for reading and your valueable opinion.



  6. Hello to all. Hi This Pijush Gupta, a new member of this forum. I have integrate XP SP2 to XP SP3 by Newly relished service pack. My Problem is just started now, after integrating my new XP SP3 is not supporting my customized shell32.dll, what i used earlier time to make an unattended XP CD. And that was working perfect. Guys i need ur help to solve this problem. Thank your for giving ur valuable time.

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