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  1. Guys, the installer I got from one of the official links is exactly 1,128,916 bytes. I unpacked it with Inno Setup Unpacker Explorer v1.0 by Richard Santaella rather than running it as is - I usually do whatever I can to avoid running installers.

    The unpacker provided me with 5 files in the {app} folder:







    Launching pdf2word.exe presented me instantly with the GUI, I selected a PDF document created by myself and converted it. However, when I tried to open the converted document, Office XP took quite a long time (around 30 seconds, roughly).


    First unpleasant thing noticed was that the application only offered a choice of Times New Roman and Arial for default font but it didn't take into account the regional settings for the system/user, which in my case are Romanian, therefore the text in the .doc document showed up in English encoding instead of Central European which should have been the default (for both original PDF and System).


    Other than that the text seems to be fine. There are no images in that PDF so I can't tell how it handles those. But at least we know the application itself works, at least on my 98SE machine. And KernelEx is installed but left in Default mode, no tampering with it.


    I have never tried to launch the installer for this application.


    EDIT: I'm talking about Free PDF to Word Doc Converter from hellopdf.com (schwups' link).

    The generated file is not a real doc. but a rtf. Office is always very bad to open a file that does not have the right extension. You can open the generated file only with metapad.

  2. In any case, do read this interesting page on even more drivers, just for the sake of completeness.

    If we are allowed to go Commercial :ph34r:, here:


    (the "original" home page is sort of botched):


    I missed if these also were tried :blushing::unsure: :


    (same info on the page given by dencorso direct links for the record)


    The only good commercial solutions:



  3. Windows 98 lose the time if you have a low disk space warning message on the screen. More the message stay on the screen more the memory and the time are dammaged. May be an experimented user can explain more on this bug.

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