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  1. I've tried to install "NERO LITE MICRO EDITION V9.4.13.2.rar" without success. The setup requires minimal WindowsInstaller 3.1. I downloaded it from mediafire.com. It seems the version you have is different.

    Which version of  the "nero clean tool" do you have? All versions I tested fails to work. (missing Export-NETAPI32.dll:NetUserDel)

    WinME / KernelEX / Net Fr. 2.0 / Visual C++2005red

  2. You can try partition logic but it does not work with some SATA hard disks. See limitations: http://partitionlogi...about/index.php

    You also can try Parted Magic (linux based) or Partition wizard (bootable CD) or other manager.

    Partition wizard seems good but it shows no support for 98, i should care? http://www.partition...m/download.html I mean if i use it before installing 98se to create the two fat32 partitions...

    A Partition Manager like PartitionWizard or GParted (PartedMagic) on a bootable CD uses an own OS. You can create and format (also FAT32) partitions on your empty Hard Disk without any OS like 2000 or XP.

    You don't have any data on your disk, so you should not care!

  3. Supplement to motherboard ASUS P5KPL/EPU:

    ExpressGate (Splashtop OS) updated to version

    I can boot Win ME (ExpressGate enabled), if I load the ExpressGate environment by running any application (12sec). Then I click exit to boot ME. :yes:

    Nevertheless I get the protection error, if I directly press exit on the so-called "first screen" of ExpressG. to continue the normal boot. :blink: The "first screen" appears after 3 seconds.

    Further improvement concerned to the shutdown bug of the Nvidia driver 82.69: Shutdown via the "first screen". Maybe 3-4 sec. longer than a normal shutdown.

    Restart - first screen - power off :thumbup

  4. ASUS P5KPL/EPU Chipset: iG31 Bearlake

    (I bought it second hand at ebay.)

    with Dual Boot configuration ME/XP

    NV7600GT PCIE (driver 82.69 with the shutdown issue), Infineon Memory DDR2 667,

    HD SATA2 Samsung P Series, CPU P4 630

    Chip Driver from: windows98.xf.cz/

    I've plugged a PCI network adapter and a PCI audio adapter.

    BIOS: Lan and audio onboard set to disabled

    IDE comp. mode, HT disabled

    In the device manager remains one "unknown Device": "ACPI driver for ATK 0110 virtual device version 1043.2.15.37 for Windows 2000 / XP (32bit and 64bit) / 2003 (32bit & 64bit) / VISTA (32bit & 64bit)".

    The driver installs fine in XP and fails to install for Win ME. But it seems not a real problem.

    The harddisk and memory work as fast as with XP.

    I was also interested to test the "ASUS ExpressGate" Version OS) to get very fast on the Web. It takes 27sec. (button to google).

    Result: I can't boot to Win ME (Windows protection error. System halted). I have to disable the ExpressGate in BIOS to boot Win ME.

    What a pity. That's troublesome!

  5. You find the video drivers and chipset driver here: windows98.ic.cz

    Nvidia 82.69 up to NV7950

    ATI 6.2 up to X850

    I use the ATI Radeon X800XL (256MB) PCIE 16x on an intel 945 chipset (Fujitsu Siemens D2156-A1). The southbridge is ICH7.

    And a Nvidia 7600GT (256MB) PCIE 16x on an intel 915 chipset (MSI MS-7058). I shutdown the machine with the PLOP Bootmanager.

    USB 2.0 driver from mdgx - not the orangeware

    OS Win ME

    Only a few members here reported that video cards with 512MB work. A 256MB card should work.

  6. If I run an older SAS like 4.15 or 4.24 with a comp. Mode 2000 or XP, I get the same error that folderselection for Custom Scan doesn't work. If I run an older version in default mode or with KEX disabled the folder scan works. So it seems related to KernelEX. The older versions save the selected folders into the "CUSTOM.STG" file. There is same problem with "allowed items" and "excluded folders" (saved to "ALLOWED.STG" and "EXCLUDE.STG").

    After installation of a newer version like 4.37 the three .STG files don't exist or the files will be deleted by saving, if there is a profil of an older version.

    I will compare it with a SAS installation in XP.

  7. WinME ; KEX 4.5 RC5 ; RP9.7.0

    I've installed new Java update 23 silent without errors. But there is a problem with Firefox (3.5.15) (Opera 10.1 OK).

    Java tester at java.com: Test shows that Java 23 works but it gives an error message: TypeError: document.commandDispatcher.focusedWindow is null

    After closing Firefox follows an error message. After downgrade to 22 the error doesn't appear.



  8. SAS detects Firefox Cookies since version 4.39.  Changelog (filehippo): Detects and removes Firefox and Chrome cookies (must have browser closed while scanning to remove cookies). Obviously 4.37 detects only the IE Cookies! 

    And I can confirm that the folderselection for Custom Scan doesn't work. I will check if  the problem is only concerned to this version.

  9. OS Win ME; KEX 4.5 RC5; RP 9.7.0

    I think SAS 4.21 is to old for Firefox 3.6. Up to now I had version 4.24 (recommend by SuperAntiSpyware.com)on my machines that needs 5 minutes to start and perhaps the same time to update the definition files (CPU usage 100%) - KernelEX comp. mode: default.

    Now I' ve tested the newer versions of SAS again with KEX 4.5 RC5. I installed Versions up to 4.37 without any errors in default mode and started them with Win2000SP4 mode. All seem to work fine. The start needs about 10 seconds and also the update is really fast. The scans need 55-90% CPU usage. Interesting: Right click menu entry for direct file scan.

    Setup version 4.38 to 4.46 shows following message:  Install error - Error starting services, aborting installation (tried with different compatibility modes)

    BTW since june I have a lot of trouble with Spybot's teatimer (100% CPU usage and freezing). I don't use it anymore.


  10. OS Win ME, KEX 4.5 RC4, RP 9.6.6, Win Installer 2.0

    Java plugin 1.6 update 22 works in Opera 10.1 without renaming "new plugin" in the Java programm folder (java next generation checked)

    verified: Pluginchecker.com and java.com 

    I must remame "new plugin" for Firefox 3.5.15 and K- Meleon 1.54 to use classic Java. Java classic doesn't work with Firefox 3.6.x and Opera 10.6x

    (Offline installation filesize 15,3MB -internet connection not allowed-) 

  11. A little compilation of some small bugs I still have:

    Some icons have black edges or seem to be 16bit or are pale / fade.

    I'm very contented about RP9.6.5 - great software!

    OS Win ME KEX 4.5 RC1 themes: Win 7 superbar, Vista, 32 bit

         effects: only smooth edges of screen fonts






  12. I can't confirm EvanD that Java 1.6.21 works with Firefox 3.6.8.

    It works up to Firefox 3.5.11 (and Opera 10.1), if I rename "new_plugin"

    (see Member WIN98SE before).

    The plugin checks fails with Version 3.6.8.!

    pluginchecker.com / www.java.com/de/download/installed.jsp

    Note: I don't allow the internet Connection to install Java.

  13. OS ME, KEX 4.5 RC1, RP9.6.5 (Replaced default shell font with Tahoma)

    1. Adobe Flash Player 10.1 works fine and I haven't any problems to install it. TOP

    2. VLC 1.0.5 works on one machine fine and on the other is the font-problem present.

    On the first I had installed the XP fonts. Maybe it's the reason.

    VLC 1.1.2 plays mp4, mp3, flv, ogg after renew/refresh the Fontcache.

    I also can't close the programm - I must use Ctrl+ALT+DEL.

    This version doesn't play audio CD's - it crashes.

  14. Hallo HardDriv'n,

    I've tested a little bit. The KMPlayer seems to work proper with the K-Lite Codec Pack also the Gomplayer 2.2.21. The VLC Player 1.0.3 now doesn't play anything.

    The updated WindowsMediaPlayer and JetAudio 7.1.1 had problems to play mpg.

    Tested formats: flv, mpg, mp3, wav, flac, ogg, mp4

    K-lite Codec Pack 5.83 Full installed (Media Player Classic HomeCinema 1.3.1752.0 inside doesn't work (missing Export-User32.dll:GetRawInputDeviceList))


    The CodecTweakTool starts in Compatibility Mode for Win2000 SP4.

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