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    Did you install to a root folder like C:\Se7en_UA? I'm lazy and this won't work from Program files or any long path with spaces.

    What is your OS and x86/64?

    Copy the Dvd sources, Extracted as above.

    Exactly where is it not working as Chester explained above

    Installed at C:\

    OS is x86

    Already copied and donw the work upto ,ounting the image,when i tried to mount ,none of Versions are shown

  2. This thread is essentially a novice-friendly guide to modify Windows 7. Component removal is the central focus, but the user can customize a Windows 7 installation disk with language packs, updates, addons, tweaks, and much more. This is a semi-GUI program, meaning that you do not have to type in lines of code at a DOS prompt. Just run the program (Vista/7 users: Run as Administrator) and follow the prompts.

    I am attaching a README for specific details. For in-depth details, read Jeronimo's thread about removal.bat

    The source code is available, do whatever you want I'm too lazy to write a license... Consider it open source.

    Questions? Just ask in this thread and I'll try to get it answered :)

    Thanks a Lot :hello:

  3. Now I'm Deploying Windows 7 and still using some popular apps to deploy better

    and this thread is for all other members to get suggestion from the experienced to deploy better

    My Suggestions

    #Vista_7_UA - Vista/Seven Unattended DVD XML Creator and Application Installer

    #Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 (MDT)

    #Windows Deployment Services

    and all others suggestions are made a lesson to us

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