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  1. Updated french version is available here:


    The bug with shell32.dll has been corrected.

    I couldn't reproduce the other described by CharlesF, i made a clean install, installed SESP3, IE6 and MP9 and embedded wmv are playing correctly...

    This french version includes some exclusives features:

    • Windows Me utilities (Defrag, Regedit, Scandisk and My Pictures screen saver)
    • Windows Me Folder Style in explorer
    • Windows Critical update notification
    • euro conversion tools
    • Maximus decim USB driver v3.3

  2. Hello and thanks for that great release...

    I downloaded the latest french version and that works very good...

    There 's a little problem anyway, in fact the labelflash button in Nero isn't visible in Nero.

    In Coverdesigner there is a Lightscribe option in the file menu but nothing about labelflash...

    Can you fix that, or explain me what's wrong...


  3. Hello,

    thanks a lot for this new version, you did a great work. :thumbup

    But i found a small bug in th e generate.js file. It causes a problem with the command line parameters, the problem is in the replpath function of the new 4.3.8 version (beta 2 and final), for example when you use more than one command line parameter, only the first one is used, to correct that problem i have edited the generate.js file.

    Herre is the modified file

    I hope it helps you.


  4. Hello,

    i tested the new version beta 2 and i noticed a problem with the installers created with NSIS, when you try to use the switch /D=path after the switch /S it doesn't work... strange

    The problem was not present in the previous beta

    With INNO setups there is no problem the /SP- switch and the /DIR switch works great together...

    There is also a problem with the msiexec parameters...

    I checked the registry, but the command line in runonceex seems to be correct...

    THank for the great work... :thumbup

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