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  1. It doesn't work here. Control panel shows Java 8 is installed, but https://www.java.com/verify/ and javatester.org/ fails with Exception:

    JNLPException[category: System Configuration : Exception: null : LaunchDesc: null
        at com.sun.javaws.Main.continueInSecureThread(Unknown Source)
        at com.sun.javaws.Main.access$000(Unknown Source)
        at com.sun.javaws.Main$1.run(Unknown Source)
        at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

  2. 14 hours ago, burd said:

    Hmmm,it probably should work because they natively support XP, USB 3.0 doesnt but 3.1 does,with some workaround it should

    USB 3.1 is backward compatible, so it should work if the Host OS supports Asmedia. My host is Linux and when I hand over a USB 3 device to XP it makes the bada-bing sound, "device enabled".


    Did you download nvw2k35306.cab ?

    if it shows "bad gateway" , you should set browser referer.

    if it shows another error, reload that page.



    Hi blackwingcat, I was trying to download your latest extended kernel and one of the nvidia drivers from your site, but I appear to be unable to, all I get are errors when I try-is there an alternate download location for those files?




    How do I install nvw2k35306?  I tried updating from Device Manager but it's prompting for files. I also installed Windows2000-KB935839-v25e-x86-ENU.exe

  4. And one more thing - I'm planning to install Win2k on my AMD FX-based system as well on a spare drive. Can you tell me where to get the appropriate modified drivers from?


    Sorry for the late reply.


    Everything is a straight install, + BlackWingCat's  nVIDIA Display 270.61 for Windows 2000.


    CPU throttling is the only problem. FX-8350 runs at full speed, though you can throttle manually with AmdMsrTweaker.

  5. OK, so no embedded image but click-the-link works:




    FX-8350 runs faster than my stock i5-3570K, even though Win2K CPU driver is not optimized for FX Piledriver and doesn't understand multi-threading.



    Also everything works on the Sabertooth, including USB 3.0 and ASMedia SATA. For Win2K this is as good as it gets!






  6. I can use AmdMsrTweaker_1.1 to set the p-state manually:

    AmdMsrTweaker v1.1.:. General---  AMD family 0x15, model 0x2 CPU, 8 cores  Default reference clock: 200 MHz  Available multipliers: 0.5 .. 31.5  Available voltage IDs: 0 .. 1.55 (0.0125 steps).:. Turbo---  enabled  unlocked.:. P-states---  7 of 8 enabled (P0 .. P6)  Turbo P-states: P0 P1  ---  P0: 21x at 1.425V      NorthBridge in NB_P0  P1: 20.5x at 1.3875V      NorthBridge in NB_P0  P2: 20x at 1.3125V      NorthBridge in NB_P0  P3: 17x at 1.2125V      NorthBridge in NB_P0  P4: 14x at 1.1125V      NorthBridge in NB_P0  P5: 10.5x at 1V      NorthBridge in NB_P0  P6: 7x at 0.875V      NorthBridge in NB_P0  ---  NB_P0: 11x at 1.1625V

    ... but ACPI power management is not working. CPU doesn't power up on demand nor does it throttle when idle.






    BTW, I tried posting photos from my Dropbox, but forum rejects the "extension".

  7. @Phenomic Fortuunately I haven't experienced such issues with the latest version of the package installer.


    PS.  Gurgelmeyer, the 2k USP5 developer, has disappeared since 2006



    The unofficial win2k update project is still up and running, updated kernel, etc.  It uses some XP components, so I thought their experience might be useful to you.

  8. @herbalist Unfortunately, the great size of SP4 can be a disadvantage. Howewer, I'll try to help anyone willing to remove some of its components by publishing the source files used to build the SP4 (except for the certificate used to digitally sign all updated files).


    You can modify the update.inf and the other information files, so that they contain only the necessary files for your needs. I have left my comments in the INF files intact (except for the layout/txtsetup/dosnet ones) specifically for that purpose- to help you customizing these files.


    There is no perfect solution for any problem. I have tried to make SP4 fully customizable but, on the other hand, only advanced users will have the skills to complete the task.



    Have you checked with the guy who compiled the unofficial Windows 2000 update?  I remember he'd mentioned that the installer was trunkating some long registry entries.

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