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  1. jaclaz

    Win 7, no USB drivers

    Yep, that's it. Maybe then they are not the "right" drivers. Please try again as in the post https://msfn.org/board/topic/178354-win-7-no-usb-drivers/ But click on the tab "Details" to get the PCI\VEN & DEV. This madness usually happens when there is a (bad/wrong/whatever) driver included in the OS that "prevails" on the new one, but shouldn't happen in your case because you are in Code 28, i.e. no drivers installed. You can still try with pnputil: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/drivers/devtest/pnputil-command-syntax https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/drivers/devtest/pnputil-examples but before that let's check the actual PCI\VEN & DEV of the "unknown device" jaclaz
  2. jaclaz

    Win 7, no USB drivers

    Good , though if you can it would be useful to compare those to your friend's ones. The Mass Storage devices seem to me like not relevant (even if the may be part of the mess). What happens if you delete the devices and lt after reboot Windows 7 find them? Or try forcing the instal of these (x86/x64): http://driverpacks.net/catalog-drivers/device_id/hwid-PCI\VEN_8086%26DEV_1E2D?os=windows-7-x86 http://driverpacks.net/catalog-drivers/device_id/hwid-PCI\VEN_8086%26DEV_1E2D?os=windows-7-x64 jaclaz
  3. jaclaz

    Win 7, no USB drivers

    Hmmm. Try removing all USB related devices (those with the exclamation mark), reboot and see what happens. Along the lines of: http://farmtek.net/win7_driver_fix.htm Check also hidden devices, *like* here: https://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/165554-usb-driver-general-fix-problems.html Personally I would use devcon, instructions here: https://www.robvanderwoude.com/devcon.php actual freely redistributable file (recompiled from the orignal MS source) here: to list all USB related drivers: DEVCON DriverFiles =USB and to list all devices: DEVCON Findall =USB saving the lists to .txt files and compare them against the same files on your friend's system. jaclaz
  4. jaclaz

    How many will continue using XP?

    Not that Gnome classic is in any way pleasant to the eye. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder still, after all these years, I still cringe at the general ugliness and clumsyness of *most* Gnome desktops (*any* version) looks, IMHO KDE is way better. Anyway, most probably the best candidate for an XP->Linux transition is -still IMHO - Zorin OS (Gnome based): https://zorinos.com/ or Netrunner (KDE based): https://www.netrunner.com/ jaclaz
  5. jaclaz

    Win 7, no USB drivers

    Windows 7 does not have "built-in" USB 3.0 drivers. Depending on the actual chipset they may (or may not) exist for your machine/chipset. In your case you seem like lucky, Looky here: https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/hk/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/thinkpad-x-series-laptops/thinkpad-x230/downloads/ds034760 jaclaz
  6. See: https://msfn.org/board/topic/176224-wpa2-works-in-windows-2000/ https://msfn.org/board/topic/173922-need-a-wireless-client-for-windows-2000/ https://msfn.org/board/topic/175965-windows-2000-wireless/ https://msfn.org/board/topic/175486-wpa2-for-windows-9x/ jaclaz
  7. jaclaz

    Installing Apps No Longer Available in the Windows Store

    Sorry for the bump, but I feel like this piece of news is fine here: https://www.golem.de/news/subdomain-takeover-microsoft-loses-control-over-windows-tiles-1904-140717.html jaclaz
  8. jaclaz

    Good file compressor

    Sure, there is no problem whatever in doing impossible things . The problem is to highly compress the files (in a reasonable time, using reasonable resources), and then to re-expand them obtaining the same as the original (as well in a reasonable time, using reasonable resources) . You can still try KGB: https://web.archive.org/web/20080912112144/http://kgbarchiver.net/ https://sourceforge.net/projects/kgbarchiver/files/ Or go directly to BARF: http://mattmahoney.net/dc/barf.html However nowadays I would try ZCM (which is the successor of Nanozip): http://heartofcomp.altervista.org/Zcm.htm and/or its other "brothers" by Francesco Nania jaclaz
  9. Very likely your computer is one of those that (for some strange reasons) has issues with MBR style devices if the firmware is set to UEFI only (maybe a DELL?) or that (again for strange reasons) doesn't "like" the grub4dos bootcode (Insyde BIOS?). In any case for Windows 10 you would be probably better served by either Rufus: https://rufus.ie/ or WINNTSETUP (but if you choose this latter there is an initial learning curve to create the PE in which to run it): https://msfn.org/board/topic/149612-winntsetup-v3931/ If you want to solve the problem with winsetupfromusb, you may want to try (if you are using a UEFI firmware) to enable the CSM (Comparibility Support Module, in practice BIOS, if you have this option) and/or try to change boot order (nowadays on most computer there are two ways to boot from USB, onechanging the boot order in the firmware and one changing this setting on-the-fly at boot time prssing a hotkey - like F8 or F11/F12 and sometimes oine of the two methods works and the other one doesn't). jaclaz
  10. jaclaz

    NTFS: How to deal with a bad sector? (Ghost)

    There are three possibilities (provided that the information you got from the tools you used are correct and that those 4 sectors actually belong to one of the files in that folder): 1) those sectors are actually bad and the copy you made misses them or is corrupted 2) those sectors are intermittently bad and sometimes they are read correctly and sometimes they are not 3) everything is fine and Ghost is having an hiccup of some kind. You don't provide enough information, which actual commands did you run?, what were the actual results? Etc., etc. Technically it wasn't a smart move to "slave" a NT4 NTFS disk (its volumes) to an XP, the filesystem will very likely have been upgraded to a later NTFS version, and some functions on the original NT4 server might not be able to run anymore, see: Anyway, at this point you can use DMDE on the XP: https://dmde.com/ to analyze the NTFS and find which sectors are actually occupied by that file, then you can try to recover that file and/or copy the sectors directly. A CHKDISK /R is the most you can do to "fix" those sectors, if it works, it works, if it doesn't you should IMHO change the disk, using the old one only for experiments. jaclaz
  11. jaclaz

    Where can I find good free TTS voices?

    No, it doesn't. You should (could) have added "SAPI5". Some resources/lists: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2062625/microsoft-sam-sapi-alternatives http://www.zero2000.com/free-text-to-speech-natural-voices.html but there are not that many which are actually free AFAIK, a few may be free but for private use only, not commercial. The "new" ones by MS are here, Helen and ZiraPro for en-US: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=27224 MSSpeech_TTS_en-US_Helen.msi MSSpeech_TTS_en-US_ZiraPro.msi Or you could try espeak: http://espeak.sourceforge.net/ (It has some SAPI5 voices) jaclaz
  12. You mean something like: https://freefilesync.org/ jaclaz
  13. jaclaz

    NT 3.51, the unknown MS OS

    Sure, the Windows 9x series (and Me) was targeted to final users/home users, it was far easier to install/setup it was (on same hardware of the time) definitely faster or if you prefer requiring less resources, it was simple, it could run games, etc. NT on the other hand (remember that plug 'n play was introduced only several years later with Windows 2000) was tough to install/configure, it was less "widely compatible" with different hardware, drivers were made only for much more expensive cards, or motherboards, etc., etc., the storage subsystem was typically SCSI (much more expensive) and thus it was only aimed at the professionals/businesses. Up to Windows 2000 they were simply two completely separated "channels", business and home, each with the OS with the features that were more suitable for the intended use. XP broke this separation, by imposing to the pro's unneeded bells and whistles and by imposing to the common users senseless restrictions and or "features" that made (and still make in later NT versions) no sense whatsoever. jaclaz
  14. Intersting and nice. To be picky (as I am BTW ) I would have expected some more attention in writing the instructions for the USB tool: https://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en/event/H310_windowstool/ I believe there is something just "not right": jaclaz
  15. jaclaz

    NT 3.51, the unknown MS OS

    Mah. I had NT 3.51 running on most of my office machines[1] one month after its release, and surely 13 moths later every machine was running NT 4.0, and another 40 months later or so everything was upgraded to Windows 2000. I am sorry to learn that you wandered for five years on DOS 7, but you weren't actually forced to it, in practice I never used 95 or 98 machines, let alone Me[2][3]. jaclaz [1] admittedly a couple machines were kept running Windows 3.11 [2] which for the record I got once pre-installed on a laptop and that I soon made into a dual boot with 2000 [3] and that - unlike what the common perception is - was not as bad as it is often depicted
  16. jaclaz

    Newer motherboards that support WinXP

    Good . I guess that through some additional torture we will manage to have - before or later - if not something easily reproducible, at least the patches for hal.dll and intelppm.sys. jaclaz
  17. jaclaz

    Latest Version of Software Running on XP

    Most probably UNneeded in this case, but JFYI, a few old versions of 7-zip also include a NSIS decompiler, see: https://sourceforge.net/projects/nsidis/ and it can still (maybe) be re-enabled by recompiling the 7-zip source, but I guess the issue (generally speaking) is that NSIS is (or has been) an ever-changing project so results may greatly vary depending on the actual version used to compile the installer. jacla
  18. Hmmm, WHOOOOSH! that is the sound of this stuff just passing over my head , anyway (and without any guarantee of sorts that it works, or that it is useful, or that applies to your BIOS, etc.) here is a detailed tutorial on how to check the modules and stuff and enabling the "Advanced" tab (which may be what is needed, or maybe it isn't : https://web.archive.org/web/20150215185157/http://donovan6000.blogspot.com/2013/06/insyde-bios-modding-advanced-and-power-tabs.html jaclaz
  19. Generally speaking, DON'T. Only a very few, selected machines/motherboards built in the last - say - 5 years can use XP directly, Anyway post the EXACT model, "my new Lenovo" doesn't help in checkng if there is a possibility. jaclaz
  20. @sonyu The links you posted (not the mediafire ones, all the other ones) are not valid, they have been shortened, probably from a copy and paste from some other post. jaclaz
  21. jaclaz

    Windows XP Spotter (the club)

    As a matter of fact, you would probably get 7 points (3 as for a real XP or 2003 +1 bonus one for it being 2000 and not XP + 3 bonus points for the courage involved in posting a non-XP) if you post a 2000 sighting. Or you may be banned. You have to risk to (maybe) get the 4 extra points. Remember your own machines (or a friends') do not count. jaclaz
  22. jaclaz

    Selling computer, need suggestions

    @mike13 What we may (and will if you wish to go on) debate is how much to wipe (and how exactly to do the wiping). If you have a "recovery partition" you may want to image that disk "as is" and then restore - after the whole disk wipe - from the image the recovery partition only before re-installing the OS. Otherwise you can reasonably simply (booted from a PE, i.e. the Windows DVD or a bootable USB made of it) format ONLY the drive/volume (WITHOUT the /q switch) [1]. In the case of the recovery partition (cannot say, it depends on make/model), you can usually then use it to perform a "factory restore" (which will result in a "brand new" 8.1 OS installed) and later re-update to Windows 10. The common procedure (that you may or may not "like") is: 1) create a valid, forensic sound or dd-like image of the whole disk 2) do the wiping of the disk or the (I repear, "full" ) formatting of the volume where the OS is installed 3) re-install windows 10 (offline, creating a "generic" local account) or get back to factory state and then re-update 4) ? 5) Profit If for any reason the #3 doesn't work, you can still restore the image made in #1 and try again. jaclaz [1] this is a form of wiping, but instead of the whole disk you are only going to write 00's to the volume/partition, this is usually needed because there are in a NTFS volume a number of (invisible to you) artifacts/metadata/embedded files/whatever that you don't want anyone to be able to ever recover.
  23. jaclaz

    Selling computer, need suggestions

    Maybe the expected price for a demonstrably working computer with its operating system installed and perfectly working is different from that of the same computer with a blank, empty drive? Or - even if the money is the same - it may restrict the amount of people interested in the object. I mean, if you or me were to buy that it would probably make little difference[1], but for the average buyer? The "proper" approach is to: 1) wipe the disk clean 2) re-install the OS In the case of the stupid Windows 10 most probably the best choice is to install with a local account (not an online Microsoft one) with a generic name (like "user") , so that the buyer can later create a new account as he/she wishes. jaclaz [1] as - no matter why - we would likely anyway wipe the disk clean and reinstall
  24. Is a 3 months old thread actually "old" ? Anyway, VS2019 is already out (launched by people that don't have even thought to put a date on a site page for the event) : https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/vs2019-launch/ Anyway, it happened on 2nd April 2019, coincidentally only a few days after the good MS guys made an internal policy stating that no jokes/pranks had to be made on 1st of April ... https://www.theverge.com/2019/3/27/18283674/microsoft-april-fools-day-ban-pranks-internal-memo jaclaz
  25. jaclaz


    Assuming that tech-radar is an independent site, here is a list of 5 possible options (first result in Google): https://www.techradar.com/news/the-best-free-youtube-downloader What has this "Allavsoft" more or better than the alternatives? jaclaz