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  1. Well it's obviously a conflict of some kind. Resource, device, software. Like the fact that 9x hated you if you tried to play sound from more than one source at once.
    Yea its very wierd,it didnt used to happen..

    Luckily i can play audio from AS MANY SOURES AS I WANT TO AT THE SAME TIME... (Doesnt sound too good though of course :D)

  2. But it seems like my cable modem is blocking this from running!

    When i unplug the modem,THE PROGRAM WORKS FINE!!

    If i connect to the BELKIN router upstairs: THE PROGRAM WORKS FINE!!

    My question is: How can the modem have any say over what i execute on here?? (When the modem is unplugged,etc the program runs fine which is wierd!!))

    This SMC router the cable co. stuck me with is a piece of garbage in everyway...

    DNS hijacking occurs with this,took me quite awhile to get it to accept MY OWN DNS SETTINGS.. (Doesnt seem quite as fast loading pages (Slightly slower (Probably cause it is setup differently than my older PCX5000 modem (Best one i ever had))))

  3. I finally figured it out!!

    I had ALWAYS ON TOP unchecked in task manager and when i locked it,the box to enter password went UNDERNEATH the green screen!!

    Now if i could figure out why when i run a certain program i get an error that says "Runtime error 5 -- Invalid Procedure call or argument"

    It only happens when my cable modem is PLUGGED IN!!

    Could my cable modem be blocking this program from running somehow?? (I believe it is as i mentioned on that other thread (I dont wanna bother typing/pasting it all :D)

    It didnt used to happen!! (Until i did all that file work,then i noticed it after (When i tried to run that program))

    Heres a thread for reference on this > http://www.daniweb.com/forums/showthread.php?t=10609

    Thanx for any help!!

  4. Dude112, I ran that program out of curiosity. I presumed you were finding 3rd party dlls. It's finding OS dlls.
    Yup unless you goto CONFIGURATION and ask it to scan the whole disk for DLLs... (Which is what i did)

    I believe what Coffeeefiend said may be true of this prg also.. I scanned thru the DLLs found and 1 of them i know is used!! (My browser uses it) I wonder just how many ithers are really needed and not UNUSED.....

    It doesnt say it on THIS ONE but it may be like another prg i had where it said to OPEN ALL APPS then run a scan... Im not sure,it doesnt say that on DLL archive...

    Ah well..Im not gonna dump any just in case :)

  5. I originally chose Me over xP because of speed

    I was running xP in 2007 and i hated it.

    Its good seeing you keep ME going :)

    I have seen several people now say they have had good success with ME (While most say the opposite)

    I guess it all depends on WHAT YOU TRY TO RUN ON IT :)

    Good luck with her!!

  6. It was absolute hell getting it to recognize the CD drive!!

    I eventually found a floppy that came with a sound card believe it or not---and in conjunction with something else (can't remember right now) ---finally got the CD to be recognized.

    But I am completely obsessed with getting on the internet with 3x-----!

    Its very nice seeing such awesome creativity!!

    Good luck to all who are working on this :)

  7. Hey Xper,

    How about adding the # of people on a base to the main base page? (Like VBB does)


    Windows 7 (4 Viewing)

    Discuss and get help on anything in the Windows 7 Family of

    Operating Systems.

    Forum Led by: gamehead200

    Then skipping to this last section:

    Technology News (3 Viewing)

    Got news for us? Post it here and it could make

    the frontpage!

    Websites and Boards

    Want to show off your Website or Message


    Or tell us the best links to Windows resources

    and help guides.

    (No Commercial Advertising)

    Site & Forum Issues (2 Viewing)

    Having site/forum issues, or

    got a question or suggestion to ask us?

    Notice the count of users on the 3 bases??? (The one w/o one doesnt have anyone on it)

    Would that be easy to do on this SW?

  8. Thats what i thought also buddy so i opened a couple applications (which loaded some DLLs) and then searched a 2nd time.. (I got the same number of DLLs (153))

    It must check the file itself and see what APP it uses then checks to see if THAT APP is on your computer.....

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