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  1. Hello.

    Using compatibility mode doesn't fix the ftp problem with IE8. It's really frustrating. I used to share my files with my brother by running ftp server software, and letting him view and download the files with his browser. Now that he's updated to IE8, he can't do that anymore. There should be a simple fix for this, but I can't think of one.

  2. "i am a complete noob at any kind of pc tweaking and my 1st time formating"


    Does your laptop have a restore (to factory specs) function? Did it come with restore (to return it to it's original configuration) disks? If you really want to install XP or even do a clean install of Vista, the first thing I would do it restore it to it's original configuration, using one of the two methods I mentioned. That should at least put an end to your frustration with this computer, and make it usuable again.

    Then do a little research. Go to the manufacturer's website and see if there are drivers available for it (XP or Vista). Some laptops are designed with only one operating system in mind, and one graphics card in mind. You may not be able to change it.

  3. I haven't seen this before.

    Recently, I brought out an older P4 machine (IBM Netvista 8319), and decided

    to install Vista on it. Everything went well until the final reboot. Instead

    of going to the desktop, I first got a screen asking if I wanted to run

    Windows in Safe Mode or Windows in Normal Mode, etc. I chose Normal and up

    comes the setup screen asking for a User name (again). I entered my original

    User name, but got a message saying it was already in use (or something to

    that effect).

    So, I chose a different User name and password, and the installation

    completed. I ended up with 2 administrator accounts, one in each of the


    I have installed Vista on a good many new computers, and never found this


    Can anyone tell me why this particular setup wants me to enter a second User

    name and Password? I can't see where the hardware would be doing it. There's

    nothing but your standard components involved.


  4. I noticed the same thing as soon as I switched to IE8. I sometimes host files on my computer for friends and family, and I would let them log in via FTP. But now, I have to let them know not to use IE8. Otherwise they can't connect. I'm sure there's a setting somewhere that needs to be adjusted, but don't know where to look. If anyone has some suggestions, please post. Thanks.

  5. Hello everyone.

    I'm using IE8 under Vista, and I've started to notice that after a while of surfing I get 5 or 6 "iexplore.ex" entries in the Task Manager. I have my browser set up for Tabs but rarely, if ever have more than the 1 Tab open at any one time. As the copies of "iexplore.exe" multiplies, IE8 becomes unresponsive and I shut it down. The entries remain in TM and when I try to end those processes, access is denied. I end up having to reboot to get rid of them.

    Anyone know what's going on?

    The only other browser related programs running are: Admuncher and ZoneAlarm Firewall.


  6. Hello Manju.

    Re: Marvell Ethernet Controller showing up as a Removable Device.

    I noticed the same thing as soon as I installed SP2. I'm not very knowledgable when it comes to hardware, but I'm guessing that the network card/chip is somehow connected to the motherboard via a USB connector. Someday I'll look inside and see if I can see where it connects.

    I am also guessing that SP2 is just more picky when checking out the motherboard hardware, whereas SP1 probably ignored the kind of connection the ethernet controller had with the board.

    In any case, I gave up trying to find a system solution, and instead used a third party utility to remove the icon from the notification area.

  7. Your first choice was the correct one: "Windows XP Service Pack 3 Network Installation Package for IT Professionals and Developers".

    That's the full installation of SP3, even if you're just installing to one PC. For other questions about nLite, you'll have to ask someone else, because I don't use it myself.

  8. I've installed ACDSee 11 and it's put a bunch of stuff on the context menu you see when you right-click on an image file (see attached). Can anyone tell me where to start my search in the Registry, to look for entries I can modify, to remove some of that stuff. Thanks.


  9. Can I make the following changes to IE8/Vista security using the Registry rather than using Tools/Options?

    1. Allow previously unused ActiveX controls to run without prompt

    click enable

    2. Turn off for ActiveX controls

    scroll to activeX and plug-ins

    under automatic prompting for activeX

    click enable

    3. Turn off for Downloads

    scroll to downloads

    under automatic prompting for file downloads

    click enable


  10. I'm just starting to move from XP to VISTA. I plan on continuing to use WinZip and ACDSee on my computer. Under XP I first disabled

    Windows own zip function by using "regsvr32 /u zipfldr.dll" and disabled windows own image viewer by using "regsvr32 /u shimgvw". Is this something I have to do under VISTA, or can I just go ahead and install the two applications? Thanks.

    Also: The shutdown screen has these options: switch user, log off, restart, sleep, shutdown. Is there a way to remove all except restart and shutdown?

    Also: I'm looking for a tweaking utility that has an option to remove items from the desktop right-click menu and it's sub-menus. Anyone know of any?

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